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NFL Week 6 - Sunday, October 13, 2013: Open Thread

This week I'm watching two games:

- Saints at Patriots.
- Redskins at Cowboys.

Saints at Patriots - What kind of a team is this Patriots team? Is it a fighter, or a lay-down-and-dier? This is a big game for the Pats. We don't know much about this team. It is only Week 6 and practically the whole offense is new. The defense is looking good. But the team is just plagued - plagued and riddled with injuries. Can it rally? Or is it a wasted year for Brady, who's clock is ticking? (Maybe he can go to the Broncos after Manning)

Redskins at Cowboys -Remember my friend who just quit his job? He's a huge Cowboys fan. Since he was in grade school. It is almost pathological.

Anyway, after he quit his job, he took a trip to the West Coast and had a blast! Then he returned to reality and realized he needed to find a job. He's having an interesting adventure. I am there for moral support and to hear firsthand, tales of his adventures. He's a poet with his words.

He has a love-hate relationship with the Cowboys. It is truly a drama, and it is amusing. I enjoy spending time with him, so I watch a lot of Cowboys games with him.

And of course I have a great interest in RGIII. That will be an interesting game.

- - - -

Additionally I'll be keeping my eye on Seattle. Always Seattle. That's my hometown. You never forget your home town.

And of course Denver. SF, I have some interest in. Indianapolis as well. Of course Green Bay. And that is about it.

Who are you watching, and why?

- - - - -

(btw, I fully understand, and expect to get downvoted to hell on this thread. I don't care. I'm going to make it a weekly feature. :Q)

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The Packers took advantage of fourth week bye...

Gave their secondary the pre-season, then the first three weeks with a primary that might have been a little out of whack, but they came back against the LIONS and kicked pussycat butt!

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

Packers vs Ravens. I live in

Packers vs Ravens. I live in Wisconsin, what else is there to do when one is broke?

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"Invest only in things that you can stand in front of and pr

All I know is the Packers are going to clean up this year.

Clean up as in mopping the floor going 12 and four.

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

Saints vs. Pats

That's the game of the week, despite the cowboy and indian rivalry.

NFC east is usually the class of the NFC, even the league...

This year it's a joke.

My Giants are playing more like vagiants. That's what I keep getting from cowgirls, iggles, and foreskins fans...

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?


giants have a o line like dallas has had the last couple of years except eli cant handle it as well as romo.

ooooooh a little smack talk eh, lol?

2 Rings...

As far as the o-line, yes, ours suck this year, and Romo's sucked the last few but the major issue w/ INTs is the system we are running. Miscommunication between our WRs & QB have caused most of the INTs, and we have the worst luck in the league with getting tipped passes picked off. That has been true for the Gmen for years.

But no doubt Eli is regressing. He is making rookie mistakes. Unacceptable. He is not used to a porous o-line and has not adjusted well.

Romo playing behind those poor lines has helped him make quicker decisions and get the ball out quickly. Play calling helps. Garrett is a good O-coord. and Kevin Gilbride has always sucked.

I must admit I thought Romo was done, and when JJ signed him to a $100Mil contract I laughed. Not anymore he is playing great. Joke's on me and the Gmen this year.

Good luck to the Cowboys.... NOT!

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?


general manager is what sucks most. Jerry Jones got rid of Jimmy Johnson after a few trips to the super bowl. Moron. The last ten years dallas has had a bad secondary and he still wont do anything about it. He is like 70 years old and like every dallas fan is ready for him to die.

That said romo can still play football despite his idiot of a general manager, whats elis excuse.

Any thoughts on the conversations eli and paton have been having?

Eli has no good excuses for his play this year.

(But he does have 2 SB MVPs)

And a LOT of the INTs have been on the receivers.

But our general manger Jerry Reese has not drafted very well the last two years and is terrible in free agency. Our team has regressed. Even the last SB year we were only 9-7, going into the playoffs.

I'm sure Peyton is kindly explaining to Eli why he sucks, and is giving him pointers on how to not suck so bad.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?