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2 Is 1

2 is 1 is the conclusion.
1 is 2 is the solution.

1 needs 2 interact,
1 needs 2 meet the rest.

1 cannot rest until
1 and 2 are in fact

1 is zer0 up 2
1 stepped straight up to do

1 said how do you do?
1 and 1 now make 2.

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I learned in high school, 1

I learned in high school, 1 and 1 makes 3.

Southern Agrarian

Like this, I think

x + y = 2x + 2y --> x + y = 0
x + y = 2(x + y)
(x + y) / (x + y) = 2(x + y) / (x + y)
1 = 2

This is fundamentally wrong but looks oh so right. :)

The only solution is the trivial solution...

where both x and y are zero.

There is actually no solution

Also I pointed that out early on in the "proof" that x + y = 0.

Think back to basic math. This whole thing is wrong; why?

flirt session for nerds

I like it.
Lots of punch.
Lotsa room to dance.
Not a lotta girls though.

jrd3820's picture

Earlier today M gave a grammar lesson in the anadrome thread

And Jon gave a math lesson last night, and I was thinking that was the flirt session for nerds....

Either way there is not a lotta girls cuz the DP is a mans world.

I didn't know Michael when I told him that, and I didn't know he ran the joint, it was one of my very first conversations with him on some thread here and I didn't know very many ppl around here, and I told him; "the Daily Paul is a man's world" as I crossed my arms and made a scrunchy frowny face indicating no one wanted to play with me in my sand box making sand castles because they were all on the field playing tackle football.

And then I decided to build a sand box (jam session) so amazing they would have to come play with me and they couldn't ignore me. And I won! And then you came along. Actually you were here the whole time, I just didn't find you until a a couple months ago.

Your being here and all <---good gramma

I took me forever to figure out how to adjust the comment display so Jam Session wouldn't crash my computer. I really not so smart. I was just gonna post this under M's Weird Al. This is prolly better you being here. <---bad gramma

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Are you sure about all this Chris?

I think this level of math is above me.

Where do you people come up with this


Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.