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NSA patriot saboteur on the inside?

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My 2 guesses...

1)general ineptitude - I'm not saying that the equipment installers are substandard, but I would think that the emphasis is on security rather than technical competence, and so maybe they have some technicians that were chosen for who they are (security clearances) over any perceived skill level.

2)equipment failure - Most certainly they are using ROADMs in some capacity, and Fujitsu had a product recall on their 9500 power cards. A few other fires were already attributed to this over the past year.
It would be mildly amusing to me if this were the case, because it would mean that behind all the smoke and mirrors they are just another customer like the rest of us and that suppliers do not give them special consideration.

Do you have any information

Do you have any information to suggest that? Because nothing in the article or info I've seen does.