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Obamacare data hub looms as privacy threat: Healthcare.gov's service glitches point to larger security problems.

Healthcare.gov's service glitches point to larger security problems.

Every day, personal information is the subject of hundreds of thousands of hacking attempts from all over the world. From nation states to crime rings, knowing and exploiting your information is big business.

On October 1, a major component of Obamacare made you even more vulnerable to devastating attacks on your personal information and the administration is doing too little about it.

The Federal Data Services Hub (Hub), a component of the health insurance exchanges created by Obamacare, connects seven different government agencies and establish new access points to the sensitive personal information of the American public.

Social Security numbers, employment information, birth dates, health records and tax returns are among the personal data that will be transmitted to this hub, consolidating an unprecedented amount of information. Every shred of data one would need to steal your identity or access your confidential credit information would be available at the fingertips of a skilled hacker, producing a staggering security threat.


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Lets not forget!

Insurance companies will have all this information which the government (and others) can buy or coerce from these companies.

I really wish a big pollster would poll the individual mandate.
I can't believe people would support fining people for not buying a product from a private company.

Which they'll use as

Which they'll use as justification to steal everything else

"i dont understand the opposition to this, people already voluteer their information, ....so what?! if were collecting everything else, obviously folks are alright with this"

in secret, consent not required