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Ron Paul Declares War On Michael Bloomberg And Planned Parenthood In Virginia!

Ron Paul has finally got involved in the race for governor of Virginia!
here is his very strong endorsement of Ken Cuccinelli from yesterday:


"My good friend Donna Holt put it best by saying; “Ken Cuccinelli has been the most pro-liberty legislator and Attorney General we have ever had in Virginia. He is the only one who has consistently worked with the Liberty movement and the only one who has the guts to stand up to Washington"

"Ken Cuccinelli has always stood for smaller government and limited government, he has consistently and unapologetically worked with the Liberty movement in Virginia. His stand against ObamaCare shows he is willing to stand up to Washington's continued abuses on our individual liberties.I am proud to endorse to Ken for Governor of Virginia."

Good luck in November.For Liberty,Ron Paul

And here is Kens response from his facebook page:

"I'm thrilled to have the support of Congressman Ron Paul. A true warrior in defense of our liberty and first principles. Thank you, Ron for all you have done for our country."

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Love your moniker

Stonewall Jackson is my hero. Deo Vindice.