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A Second Look at the Failure of ObamaCare 'Exchanges'

Source: The Libertarian Examiner

With a price tag closer to one for achieving human-like artificial intelligence, the new ObamaCare computer system went on line and immediately crashed. An “expert” was soon summoned who revealed that it was probably a problem with the software. We all sighed in relief. It wasn't an alien attack aimed at crippling civilization as we know it. It's the engineers' fault.

Or is it? I'll bet my expertise that the old saw blaming the engineers is covering a much darker truth; a workable ObamaCare system doesn't exist and that's why engineers haven't been able to automate it.

First, let's look back in history a bit. The big push for a federal takeover of the health insurance industry and toward some kind of socialized medicine really began in the Clinton era, with the HillaryCare panels. During the Bush years, your federal financial contributions paid for health care in Massachusetts by funding RomneyCare, whose purpose was to convince the public that if a state could do it, it all made perfect sense. I'm not being glib. RomneyCare is far from being the first time a “state pilot program” has been used as PR for the next big leap. But let's be clear. RomneyCare didn't work. It didn't work at all. It was a state insurance scam funded by people in all the other states. It actually confirmed what the HillaryCare panels concluded; that a big federally controlled health insurance scheme doesn't make any sense.

What does that have to do with the fact that “taxpayers seem to have forked up more than $500 million of the federal purse to build the digital equivalent of a rock”? (Digital Trends, adjusted from an initial estimate of $634 million.)

The money was paid out to a variety of subcontractors, including Lockheed Martin and Booz Allen Hamilton, who have major roles in the “Customer Management System,” which is a generic name for the type of software system, built many many times in the past at much lower cost, that we're discussing here. These companies aren't industry lightweights. ....

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