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American Fools: Donors chip in to help programs hurt by shutdown

These criminals piss away billions on sweetheart deals that produce no benefit and Americans still shell out money to cover the criminal politician behavior!

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — As the partial government shutdown rolls on, programs that rely on federal money are feeling the strain — and so are the people who depend on their services.

For 16-year-old Alishe'ah Sockwell, federal money makes a big difference.

It helps put a roof over her head. It allows her mother, Nia, to undergo job training. And it pays for childcare for Sockwell's young daughter so that Sockwell can go to high school every day in Little Rock, Ark.

But with some federal funds out of reach because of the shutdown, Sockwell may have to stay home from school in order to watch her daughter. If the shutdown drags on much longer, her housing could be in jeopardy, too.

So, to fill in the gaps, the nonprofit organization that provides Sockwell and other homeless people in Little Rock with childcare, shelter and other assistance, has asked community members to chip in.

Donations trickled in for that organization, called Our House, and something similar is happening around the nation.

Across the country, donors big and small are opening their wallets to help keep afloat programs that protect people in need as the government shutdown persists. A pair of Texas philanthropists pledged up to $10 million to help Head Start programs for poor children hurt by the shutdown. A university in New Hampshire decided to offer scholarships to active-duty military personnel whose tuition assistance has been switched off by the shutdown. And in Arkansas, people have been donating to Our House.

But those donations aren't enough to cover the federal funding tied up by the shutdown that began Oct. 1.

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No Cure For Fools

Takes a fool

American Israeli fools

Non profit organizations.

That doesn't mean that their staffs works for free. These donations will go to pay their staff first and then the "needy" will get what's left. At least with the donations the organization can stay afloat so that people can think they have done so much good.

A step in the right direction

This is actually a step in the right direction. When the money for charity comes from individuals instead of government, accountability slips in and layers of worthless administration peel away.

Mighty mountains in grandeur stand, but tiny raindrops turn them to sand! Noah, I think I just felt a raindrop!!


Don't the donors prove we don't need gov to do this?

Absolutely no doubt

But right now we're being screwed with by this pack of parasites in DC.