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If you live in WA, have you noticed the I-522 ads heating up?

I have seen the pro-GMO ads on the Daily Paul, Zero Hedge, and other libertarian sites. These ads are funded by Dupont, Dow, Monsanto and Bayer. Its curious that I see these ads on almost all the sites I visit every day. It seems they are targeting a small niche of very stubborn people. Do they actually think they're going to change our minds? Is Daily Paul neutral on ads like this? And is the bill really as badly written as they say it is? To all my WA friends, what do you know about this bill?


Update: Apparently I just asked a bunch of really stupid questions because I had no idea what a "smart ad" is. Please forgive my ignorance, the internets is a confusing place.

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Update of my opinion

Update of my opinion here:

The law is absolute shit and does nothing.

However, im going to vote for it anyway because as a buddy pointed out, it takes the regulatory power away from the feds, and puts it to the state government. We can fix state laws with future petitions, we can't do anything with fed laws.

Also it will keep the GMO wave rolling and spread to other states. In WA we had a bullshit marijuanna law too. It was a total trap like this law, however it got the ball rolling and led to other states doing it. The end result was the end of prohibitions when the feds realised they looked like dipshits and were being nulified by the states.

In closing: This law is garbage, and in the end only the free market is going to win this war... however if nothing else, it and the actions of other states who will follow suite when this wins here is the BEST advertisement we can hope for to bring the topic of GMOs to the forefront and get people off their butts and researching.

In the end, people don't want to end poison, and bills like this help people take notice, and then get that wonderful feeling of betrayl that will help them to STOP TRUSTING GOVERNMENT.

So, im voting a "very" luke-warm yes on this one.

I share your opinion very closely

and I'm voting yes a little hesitantly as well because frankly if this trend is not stopped GMO foods will be our only option.

Food labels are all ready required so what's a few extra words, and food companies change their labels all the time anyhow.

I'm voting yes because this will require all food sold in Washington to be labeled GMO which means companies out of state will have to make changes to their labeling or their product if they wish to sell in WA.

Just like our vote for marijuana legalization, I hope this bill, with all its issues, will at least get the ball rolling to get people to look into GMO foods and maybe cause companies to decide to label on their own.

He doesn't address the

He doesn't address the exemptions. I think at this point that is what I am most curious about.

There ought to be a law(?)

I live in WA and this seems like an easy "no" vote for me.

To say Monsanto is evil is really an understatement. For example, look at that ad. They help fund ads like this that feature a person who says they are non-GMO certified... Uh... yet if I recall correctly, Monsanto has ALSO spent money throwing frivolous lawsuits at companies that have labeled their food as non-GMO certified under the silly pretence that they are hurting the good name of GMO foods. Talk about evil. You have to go to the financial sector to find corporations that do the kind of evil stuff that Monsanto does. Perhaps many of the people that run the company should be behind bars, which would make the entire company unprofitable.

But laws aren't about sticking it to a company. It's a simple biological fact that GMOs aren't inherently poisonous. You could certainly make a poison GMO food if you wanted to, but you could also make a food that is 99.999% unchanged, yet still is technically a GMO. (By the way, it's already illegal to poison people.)

People in the comments use language like "the government lets them do ___". The government doesn't "let" people do things with each other. The goverment comes in after people are already doing things with each other and points a gun at some of the people. They aren't even an inherent factor.

Nothing wrong with Michael Nystrom

gaining some funds from the enemy funneling into the train of liberty. I say take any ad he can get it advances freedom at the hands of the enemy.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

Read the voters' pamphlet and

Read the voters' pamphlet and you'll know why this bill is a hunk of @#$%. EVERYTHING is exempt from it. Literally over 85% of food in WA is exempt from the law, and several non-gmo foods will have to be labeled as GMO.

Just a quick example. any animal not specifically gentically modified is exempt, even if they are fed GMO feed and medication. In other words... ALL MEAT that didn't come out of a laboratory is exempt.

anything at a restraunt. Anything prepared and sold immediatly. Anything liquid in a can.

The bill is doing nothing more than creating a smoke screan to make people thing that the gov has come to the rescue, while in actuality gives loopholes to all hte giant GMO food producers to poison us all without having to stamp their poison with a label.

You want to stop GMOs? Get off your ass, research which companies are GMO free and SPEND MONEY ON THEIR STUFF. The government is corrupt and their bullshit regulations will only help the giant toxin corporations. Stop trusting government.

Voting Yes

You will only be lulled into a false sense of security if you lack any rational discernment whatsoever.

The liberty movement is based on a lack of government intrusion in all facets of life, including the economy. Monsanto and Co. have already strong-armed the USDA, the FDA, and the producers themselves into deceiving the American public, stifling competition, and imperiling our entire food supply chain.

Many of us also understand that the government has a responsibility to protect the citizenry from fraud. Providing consumers with information about the chemical substances they are about to ingest will in no way stifle anyone's liberties. It will merely express a continuation of the constitutional principle of protecting basic endowed rights of humanity.

We deserve to know what is in our food, and the burden of transparency lies on the producer, not the consumer. This is less intrusive than our already existing labels of ingredients and nutrition facts.

Lets hope Whole Foods sticks

Lets hope Whole Foods sticks with their promise of eliminating GMO foods from its stores in the next couple years. Lets also hope their damn prices go down.

Can you share the link to the

Can you share the link to the bill?

You want to stop GMOs? Get off your ass, research which companies are GMO free and SPEND MONEY ON THEIR STUFF. The government is corrupt and their bullshit regulations will only help the giant toxin corporations. Stop trusting government.

Perfectly put! When some of us say that we don't support such laws on the basis of non-aggression principle, we get lambasted that we are against liberty and support evil Monsatan. Too bad that people think that Government can help solve their problems. Even in CA where a similar law was passed recently, the Government has claimed authority to regulate terms like 'natural' 'pasture' etc.. in food labeling - which is definitely a let-down for grass-fed meat and natural farmers.

Well that sucks........

...Monsanto can still shrivel up and die though. :P

"If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy." -- James Madison

I will vote YES in a heartbeat.

Monsanto can go shrivel up and die.

Plain EVIL corporation.

"If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy." -- James Madison

For the love of Joe Pesci,

For the love of Joe Pesci, READ THE PAMPHLET. This bill is a trap.

I wonder if GMO labeling in America

would lead to food scarcity not only in America but all over the world? Could this be another one of their (f'n government) divisive/catastrophic plans?

kind people rock

How would it create an "uneven playing field"

for farmers in the state?

Yes, there is the cost of labels. But if what she says about her own farm is true - that it is certified GMO-free - her increased profits should cover the cost. Oh, is that what she's talking about by "uneven playing field?" She's worried about the farms she competes with, those using GMO seeds who will be losing sales when demand goes down for them? What *is* she talking about?

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

It's not that they are on these sites

you are searching GMO, and when you do sites like the DP have advertising that know what you have been searching and the smrt ad brings up GMO.

Try this, go to google or yahoo and search Ford Fusion, wait a couple minutes and then come back to the DP, you will see ads for Ford Fusion - scary isn't it?

Jeez, I need to delete my

Jeez, I need to delete my cookies more often

LOL... That reminds me of a

LOL... That reminds me of a Lady here on the DP that started a thread "Why is the DP running ads with half naked people?" Come to find out she has a teenage son in the house... We all figured out what he had been doing on the computer :)

I use DP from Tor browser

I use DP from Tor browser with javascript and flash disabled, and there seems to be no Ads on this site :)

I know that food poisoning

I know that food poisoning (a.k.a GMOs) is a very big issue and something that needs to be stopped.

Labeling would go a long way in fighting these GMO companies, and I know that currently it is the organic and natural farmers that are spending more on labeling than the GMO industries.

However I cannot support (don't worry, I cannot vote anyways) this law since it uses force to regulate the food labeling schemes. Ron Paul's non-interventionism also concludes the same.

Ron Paul: "One of the justifications for this (Government regulation in limiting choice) is that advertising deludes customers. This means that customers are considered not able to sort out fact from fiction when they read or see an advertisement. It is interesting that the same advertising agencies hired by businesses to sell products are also hired by politicians to produce advertisements in election years. In other words, advertising is accepted as a legitimate way to motivate people to take action during election years, but is placed under suspicion when it comes to advertising products and services. People in their capacity as voters are supposedly perfectly capable of making accurate decisions based on advertising. On the other hand, those same people in their capacity as customers supposedly are incapable of making accurate decisions based on advertising. This is utterly illogical, but it is basic to understanding all modern governments in the West ... "

Business will always advertise and label things to entice customers. Eternal vigilance from customers is necessary to take informed decisions. Relying on Government regulation would end up hurting more than being vigilant.

You anti-labeling people

are bizarre and illogical, putting poison in food IS FORCE, therefore we have a right to defend ourselves and our families, this is Libertarianism misinterpreted, falls seriously short and defies common sense, so let companies put poison in our food, great philosophy.

read the pamphlet. its a

read the pamphlet. its a trap. EVERYTHING is exempt.

You're right

It's a ridiculously weak law, not worth S-H-I-T if it exempts everything, someone in Washington state got to the legislators and added section 3, how stupid.

Can you provide some link to

Can you provide some link to that?
Does it mean that this well intentioned law has already been diluted with exemptions?

Here is a link

the Non-GMO project endorsed it, that is where I get my info about what foods to buy. maybe it's a step in the right direction, but far from perfect.

I read the law

what pamphlet do you mean? I will check it out

Thats fine, we don't always

Thats fine, we don't always have to agree. Anti-GMO legislation could be one of the most 'justifiable' use of force, but it is not consistent with libertarianism. I am no way pro-GMO just anti-government.

I support organic producers by buying, 90% of the time, grass-fed, wild-caught meat and organic vegetables and fruits and grains. And I don't buy GMO because I care about my health and my family's health. I also spread the message about GMO hazards as wide as possible to my friends, colleagues and extended family.

That people became informed enough to force legislation against GMOs itself shows the power of spreading information. Government didn't mandate that people talk about GMOs for a few hours everyday, yet liberty loving people wrote blogs, did research and helped reach critical mass awareness all without monopolized force.

Just wait for this legislation to grow and mandate many extra types of labeling. Big chains/producers will be able to cope up whereas small individual mom&pop stores (which are already dwindling rapidly) will choke on the added costs. Imagine farmers' markets being forced to label products. Governments always expand and this would turn out to be yet another area for its growth.

We also have other problem to solve such as state-sponsored fluoride in water, chemtrails, toxic recycled materials etc.. where labeling will not be effective.


You know full well that they are harmful and poisonous, yet not everyone knows the issue, or if they do, don't realize that unless it's Organic it has GMO's or Pesticides in it, yet you have no problem with a corporation or company poisoning other people? You're like the assistant watching the scientist poison the rat with the not my problem attitude. You realize this makes us Libertarians look crazy. In fact I'd bet their is probably Monsanto trolls all over this website.

For me, it is indeed a big

For me, it is indeed a big moral dilemma. Whether to support legislation against the evil Monsatan/GMO or stick to non-intervention and liberty. I personally don't see myself as the assistant to the evil scientist. I go to whole foods market almost every other week and have been seeing their 'We say yes on 522' banners. I will continue to patronize them as long as I can afford to. I believe that the market can defeat the GMO pandemic, because people are ready to pay extra for quality. I highly doubt that people buy in-organic produce due to ignorance or laziness (does someone have more data on this?) - rather it is more likely due to price differences.

I also fear that such a legislation would eventually grow into something that it originally was not intended to be. Kinda like drunken driving laws which came into place to save public from some evil irresponsible drunkards but has come a long way and is now used to harass people and generate revenue for police department. Or like the drug laws, which in the name of saving people from addiction and crime, actually has become the primary generator of high-intensity addiction and severe crimes.

I've heard the concerns on DP before

there was a lot of people here on the DP that were against the federal labeling of GMO's, there concerns were they didn't want the FDA to regulate, I can understand that concern, however this is a state law and doesn't impact all states, the WA state regulators although are not angels I trust them more then the FDA. I'm sure your a nice person but corn and Soy have been taken over by Monsanto, those ingredients are in so many foods, you could eat GMO's and not even know it, even us who are educated on the issue, much more those that are not.