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VA gov candidate shut out of debate with R/D rules change

The goal posts in VA have been moved during the game. As Sarvis got 12.7% in the latest poll, exceeding the 10% required for the debates, the establishment changed it to a 10% average in last three polls.

The tide may be shifting
Libertarian polling 12.7% in VA governor's race

Libertarian polling 8.75% in FL governor's race

These two states are not Libertarian strongholds like AK, IN, MT.

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Say it ain't so

Despite Sarvis' success Ron Paul reportedly endorsed Cuchinelli(?!) a corrupt Republican bible thumper who promoted trans-vaginal probes and received "loans" from a discredited stock hustler.
If Sarvis tops 10% it would be a major victory for the liberty movement and would help shatter the two party narrative that we all reject.

The duopoly can't have that.

I guess TPTB leaned on Ron to endorse their guy so as not to cause trouble for Rand. This coupled with Rand's perfidious endorsement of Romney and Ron's refusal to either drop out or endorse GJ are convincing me that even Ron is willing to make a deal with the devil.

It's only human nature to want your children to succeed but Rand is not my son. Let's not be so blinded by hero worship that we fail to recognize the facts.

Please Ron, say it ain't so.


HUGE Mistake

Both Ron and Rand endorsed Cuccinelli. Frankly I'm a little surprised they didn't vet him more because Cuccinelli is HORRIBLE. It isn't just because of the social issues...it's that he has done NOTHING on other issues. All Ken does is alienate people. He doesn't care about Virginia. This is an awesome state (the best in my not-so humble opinion) and we need someone that understands about coal in the Southwest, crabs in the Bay, traffic up in NOVA, and the middle class in Richmond. Both Ken and Terry think the capital of Virginia is Washington DC. As such, they need to go away.

Please donate to Robert Sarvis to (www.robertsarvis.com). There is a Money Bomb going on right now and he is polling over 11%.

Wish we had a decent

Wish we had a decent Libertarian running for Gov in Texas :(

Southern Agrarian

They are denying media access to

the libertarian candidate because he has been moving up in the polls.