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A Strategy for Liberty

by Bionic Mosquito

The title of this post is taken from chapter 15 of Murray Rothbard’s For a New Liberty. Throughout the book, Rothbard has laid out the case for the libertarian solution to the problems of politics and government. In this chapter, he suggests how to get from here to there. He also deals with some of the common objections to the idea of liberty and to the approach taken by some. For these reasons, I found this chapter to be most valuable.

Education: Theory and Movement

We face the great strategic problem of all “radical” creeds throughout history: How can we get from here to there, from our current State-ridden and imperfect world to the great goal of liberty?

On one point there can scarcely be disagreement: a prime and necessary condition for libertarian victory (or, indeed, for victory for any social movement, from Buddhism to vegetarianism) is education: the persuasion and conversion of large numbers of people to the cause.

Sadly, this point is missed by many. Without education – “the persuasion and conversion of large numbers of people” – there is no hope ever to see a movement toward liberty take hold. This was the benefit of Ron Paul’s two recent presidential campaigns – through his efforts, countless millions have had the scales lifted from their eyes.

Many individuals and organizations contribute today to this education. Two of the most prominent are The Mises Institute and LewRockwell.com. There are many others that contribute as well: The Daily Bell, Justin Raimondo, Economic Policy Journal, and the Future of Freedom Foundation to name a few. I certainly am leaving off many. Each one speaks to people in different ways, yet each makes a valuable contribution to the education of liberty.

Rothbard deals with one criticism often heard – “we” are only talking to ourselves:

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Well, there's one reason to like Mondays. Mondays with Murray!


You guys keep readin' em , and I'll keep 'em comin'...deal?

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

I agree

I agree with the educating part. The problem is even if we articulate very clearly about the Fed and what it has done to our money and about un-adulterated capitalism and private property, there is going to be a lot of people who are not going to understand that or will oppose that because they are totally dependent on the current system for their 'survival'.
Kinda like - http://youtu.be/pIoMXYBztdg

The 'education' part shouldn't be a lecture but rather a practical hands-on session. The sheeple has to realize the truth personally, so that they will pay it forward.

Personally, I would say the strategy for liberty would be -
(1) Self-sufficiency in water, food and energy via gardens and alternative energy systems.
(2) Educate and spread the message of gardening and sustainable living to others.

A person may not understand liberty when we talk about the Federal Reserve. But let him own a berry bush and he will understand private property and will learn more about liberty and how to protect his berry bush (from authorities).

Wondering who "we" is?

Do you mean you when you are talking to your neighbors?

If not, then can you clarify whom you mean?

'we' means people attempting

'we' means people attempting to spread libertarianism. Those that are trying to spread the message about natural rights and private property etc..

The problem is not just talking to neighbours. Even talking to one's own family, about The Fed and USD etc, is so hard and make him/her look like a pessimist.

So what are you doing that you find successful?

What you specifically do that you find successful that you would recommend to others?

Well the only thing that I do

Well the only thing that I do is buy gold/some-land and don't take mortgage loans which gives me better peace and freedom of choice for the next 20-30 years. That works for me (for now) but not sure if I would see it the same way after some years.

I keep talking about inflationary bubbles and fiat currency system but not all friends agree with me and some have taken ginormous mortgage loans but they have been successful with appreciating asset prices (back in India and here in US as well). It is difficult to prove Austrian economics to people who believe that they benefit from the current status quo.

Much to my chagrin, even my family thinks that I missed the ship in owning a home by talking 'non-practical' economics :(


Everyone has their own areas of interest and expertise and those are the ones we should each pursue. Every aspect of learning about liberty - whether it's philosophy or self-sustainability as you promote, is important to the greater picture and the greater overall molding of society towards a more libertarian view.

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

I agree. Many people believe

I agree. Many people believe that taking over local political offices is the way for liberty. Some other believe think that electing a libertarian President would be the best. Some think that dealing only in cash and PreciousMetals, can end the fiat money issue. A minority of us (including me) here in DP think that educating and embracing bitcoin can help defeat the USD. All of that is useful for the cause of liberty.

What I think is that below deep down in human nature, we have the animal instincts (amgydala controlled?). So ultimately those who do not have will try to grab from those who have, either directly or through governments. Just intelligence and rationality cannot suppress this animal instinct forever. So in-order for them to internalize libertarianism, they must see hands-on what private property is and what it means to protect it. Hence I gave the simple gardening example, since most would be able to understand food.

Whatever be the lesson in liberty, if it can be applied practically today then we might have a greater chance of success.


I like bitcoin, the only thing is I don't see how it can survive with the government's unlimited resources being used against the exchanges, and people who use it.

See this blog post: http://www.economicpolicyjournal.com/2013/10/mit-economist-b...

Governments and Financial

Governments and Financial institutions want to control/regulate bitcoin (which they can't do) or destroy it at all costs.

Isn't that by itself a great indicator that bitcoin is something that will release us out of our monetary slavery? ;)

And don't libertarians fight for those aspects that Government tries to shut-down or outlaw, rather than resign?

The hardest part

About educating people is being patient enough to get through to them. Every time I convert even 10% of someone's ill-informed views to a libertarian viewpoint, it takes an amazing amount of patience and effort.

But once you reach that 10%

it usually becomes far easier, since at that point most of the 'converted' will begin educating themselves.

Well, generally speaking anyway. Sometimes people just sort of sink back into what's comfortable to them. Nothing you can do about that really. :I

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