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Ohio Senate seeks to ban 3rd Parties

From our good friend Ben Swann: http://benswann.com/senate-votes-to-ban-the-libertarian-part...

How do they intend to do that?

"...the Ohio State Senate has passed a law which would essentially eliminate all third party candidates from ballots. In the bill, only candidates from parties which earned 3% or more of the vote in a presidential election would be placed on the ballot; all other candidates would be write-in options. Newly qualifying parties must also submit petitions with at least 55,809 valid signatures."

As anyone who follows elections closely knows, write-ins are thrown in the trash, with perhaps a few actually counted.

You'd also know that the chance of a Presidential candidate getting 3% or more of the vote other than a D or R is between slim and none and slim left the building in 1996.

The last candidate to do so was a billionaire and his party fizzled shortly after his campaign ended.

Non Dem and Rep candidates manage this 3% threshold once only about every 20 years or so, and their parties are really not real parties, but simply name-only vehicles they must use when getting ballot access. Real 3rd parties never get more than 1% at best and even that has only been accomplished a handful of times. This is because they have to focus on winning local races first and work their way up.

This law would force them to focus on the top spot first, blow all their resources, disillusion their members, and fizzle fast from burn out.

Most voters do not know WHY 3rd parties have such a hard time winning.

They do not realize that the Democrats and Republicans write laws like this to KEEP them from winning or in this case, even running.

The #1 PR move 3rd parties need to make is to spread this nonsense far and wide - let the world know how the D & R party is rigging the game against the American people and denying them a fair choice on the ballot.

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Are you aware Ohio is also pushing for a Con-Con

The Ohio house is taking action for a Con-Con this Wednesday, November 6, 2013
It already passed the Senate.

Download free mp3's of Dr. Wallach's radio show "Dead Doctors don't Lie" here:


Ron Paul Would Have Preferred To Remain A Libertarian

He would often speak of how the laws against third parties were unfair to "us," making it clear his heart was in the Libertarian party but, for pragmatic reasons, he knew he had to return to the Republican party.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard


Wow, I can't believe that the democratic process in US is so messed up. Back in India, the democratic process is very slow but vibrant.

There was even a case of peaceful protest, against politicians, by a town in Southern India, where more than a 1000 people became electoral candidates. It was a time when paper ballots were being used, and the Election Commission had to print a mini-booklet (of-course one per voter) with all 1000+ candidate names and symbols to conduct the election.

Anybody can create a party very easily (some forms and small registration fees with the Election Commission) and anyone can contest in an election with a small deposit fee. The result is that there are only coalition governments, comprising representatives from least half-a-dozen parties and they cannot do irreversible damage while in power, lest some coalition party will withdraw its support and the government will lose majority and power.

Wish the oldest democratic republic in the world have a better process.

Republicrats at it again.

Republicrats at it again. #NoDifference

Southern Agrarian

Nader got over 3%

It took seven third party endorsements, which did not include the Green Party that MSM labeled Nader, but the Green Party split because of Nader who refused to join. Nader has never belonged to a political party. After working on three campaigns with Nader to open ballots and debates to third parties and Indy's, I feel what we actually accomplished was assuring the states that no third party or Indy will ever become president because all we won for all our work and abuse from Democrats and MSM (GOP ROTFLTAO) was doezens of law suits in dozens of ststes and we lost every one they bothered to hear.

Here in CA where we already have something simular to this the GOP stratigey is merely trying to compete, because it appears, it's more likely that two Democrats will be on the ballot before there's anyone from any party or an Indy in a general election.