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ACLU: BEWARE of Poison Pill Spying Reform

"In the wake of revelations over the last few months about massive NSA surveillance programs that violate the privacy of millions of innocent Americans, members of the congressional Intelligence Committees have begun to draft legislation that they say will reform these authorities. There's just one problem – unlike reform bills proposed by other members of Congress, the Intelligence Committees' bills might do more to entrench domestic surveillance programs than rein them in."

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Spying doesn't need to be Reformed

Privacy needs to be Restored!

Anytime I hear someone say 'reform' it is an automatic signal that they wish to Infringe upon my Rights. Sometimes I am wrong, but my Spidey-Senses start to go wild.

We need to Restore Liberty, Restore Life, Restore the ability to Pursue Happiness.

Folks, calling for a few people in DC to do the Restoration (aka Central Planning) is the wrong way. We must Restore our own Liberties, Lives, and Pursuits, less they not truly be Restored at all. Do we need help in DC? Yes. We need people in Congress fighting to stop the Nationalist Parties from Central Planning/Wrecking our lives.


It's the War Powers Act all over again.

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Yes. The ACLU seems to have

Yes. The ACLU seems to have lost a lot of its power, and it stands for a few things I disagree with, but they helped me in the past, and they are staying on top of anti-Constitutional matters..

Definitely part of the

Definitely part of the pattern we are seeing every time they 'help' or 'correct' something. We get more of it and worse.

Government isn't the solution to the problem

Government is the problem.

Not that I'm a fan of Reagan's tenure but I like that quote.


Very important stuff. More of the usual slimy government tactics