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State Senator and Ron Paul Delegate Owen Hill endorsed by Ron Paul in Colorado Senate Primary. Time for a Moneybomb!

Owen Hill is running for Senate against a field crowded with horrible establishment options. Udall is beatable and Owen is a current State Senator, Homeschool parent and Air Force Academy Grad and former Ron Paul Delegate.

Ron Paul Endorsed Owen and I think that we can do something great here and show him our support. I kicked it off with $50.

How much are you willing to give for Liberty today, this is a winning candidate in a race that republicans can win for US Senate. If you want another Mike Lee, Rand Paul, or Ted Cruz in the Senate Donate to Owen today.

Ron Paul Endorsement:

Donate to Owen:

For Liberty

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And like that Owen Hill resigns his candidacy. Sorry to the poster on this thread that donated to him. A total disappointment. He didn't want there to be a contentious republican primary. Getting so sick of party politics....

Did you see the polls? he was

Did you see the polls? he was getting no traction, that is why he quit. He did not want to waste our movements money. Live to fight another day.


Thanks for the heads up!


Here is his FB if you want to ask for your money back.

As a side note, David Cox is running for US Congress in CO and has said he isn't even accepting donations until after the primary.