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Washington Redskins name change

Shouldn’t a sport team represent the true nature of the town in which it resides….

It is time to stop offending our native people……they deserve so much more respect than to associate a name of a city like Washington……..how dare Washington tarnish the good name of the only true Americans even with a slur.

The Washington Charlatans……now there’s a name that truly represent the nature of that city.

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shouldn't even have a football team.

A minor change of one syllable will fix their name...

Call them the Washington Red Tape or Red Ink!

I'm sure this has been posted down there somewhere

But here it is again:

Bob Costas on the issue:


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Washington Redskins is very offensive...

...causing such anger and resentment. They need to remove part of that name and simply just be called Redskins... ;)

Anyone offended should grow a

Anyone offended should grow a thicker Redskin.

The Washington Obelisks

see it all the time

The American Indians (no, they aren't offended by Indian) who are offended only might represent less than 1% of their population. So to show that he isn't just a crazy 1%, the crazy one goes around getting signatures from white libtards who get drunk on the glorious feeling from what they think is showing the minority man that they aren't racist.

NFL is

a joke anyways

Washington is filled with Swine

Steeler name is taken but not Squealers!


How about "Washington

How about "Washington Losers"?

As a Redskin

At least we are recognized SOMEWHERE. Too many have forgotten the past cultures. No we are good, keep it. Only white man should be ashamed of their color and past.

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Capitol Thugs

Then when they play the NY Giants...it's the Giants vs The Thugs. Wall Street vs DC...Mutt and Jeff...What a rivalry...Abbott and Costello...Screw them all!

For you older guys

How about the D.C. Hekawis'.

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Is that a neighboring nation of the


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Not that I care about professional football. but...

Years back it was determined that the Basketball team name "The Washington Bullets" was offensive because of its implications towards the black majority living in the city and their problem with gun violence (back when all of D.C. was a gun-free zone no less). It actually turned out quite funny because now they call them "The Washington WIZARDS", I guess the moron who thought up the name didn't realize that wizard is a title often used to reference a leadership position in the KKK. Funnier still, one of the other potential names being considered at the time was the Washington Dragons, yet another reference to an office in the KKK.

I could laugh at how stupid the P.C. crowd is, but then I remember that they all can vote and I feel like crying instead.

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Just as they revised history to refer to Frank Sinatra and...

his friends as "the Rat Pack". As Shirley MacLaine confirmed in an interview on Turner Classic Movies, they were called "The Clan". "The Rat Pack" consisted of Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall and their friends.

Politically correct people never allow themselves to be confused with facts.

However, if the NFL forces the Washington Redskins franchise to change its name, it should become the "Washington Weasels".

If they want the team name to reflect the city's intent...

Call them the Washington Redcoats.

How is it that Obama and Costos

get to decide what offends people. I'm not for or against the name change and the only peoples opinion that matters to me is the Native Americans. If they wanted it changed I would then completely support it. Are Native Americans outraged, or are there a bunch of demagogues looking for their next thing to cry about? Am I allowed to just start claiming that the Notre Dame "Fighting Irish" are offensive because I think an Irish person might be offended?

I AM is all that is. Everything else is malleable.

I still agree with whoever it was

who said they should change the name to the Washington Foreskins in honor of all the dick heads in congress.


This is far from Goodthink! I bellyfeel the dayorder should be to stop this crimethink and report it to thinkpol immediately!

The Washington Post is heavily pushing this

There really wasn't a controversy until the WaPo made one by publishing a few hundred articles over the last two years decrying the "insensitive" name.

Seriously though of all the Indian tribes polled

The vast majority were proud to be represented as a NFL team.

No difference than Minn. Vikings, Illini of U of Illinois, San Deigo Padres, New Orleans Saints,
Kansas City Chiefs, Atlanta Braves, Florida State Seminoles, Chicago Blackhawks

Otherwise I'm offended by the Congressional Black Caucus, it's a racist organization.

Names mean nothing

They already have the steelers...

How about the Washington Borrowers?


just Redskins would be fine

take Washington out, sorry George they screwed up your last name.

the name "Washington Redskins" IS offensive

And is a big turnoff to fans like me.

They should immediately change their name to the Landover Redskins


I read last night during the cowboys redskin game that only 9% of natives disapprove of that name. Also since the braves were in Boston at the time, the football team was also called the braves. The name changed to Redskins due to the nature of several natives on the team.

My opinion: If I hated a particular group and used a derogatory name to refer to that group, I would not want my team representing that group. The racial or in actuality "prejudice" thing really does not make a whole lot of sense to me.

How 'Bout

...the "Buckskins"? Or, the "Buckstops". Or the "Fedskins".

The name should be Changed to D.C. Redskins

Or move to Washington State. "Washington" does not exist in the DC incorporated name.

If you don't like the traditional name Redskins and want it changed? Go Fcuk Yourself, go pound sand, and grow a thicker skin. It's freedom of speech and stop making a bigger deal than it really is.

Why always exercising power over people with the political correctness bull siht? It's really getting annoying.

A lot of people refer to them

A lot of people refer to them simply as "the skins". So as to not lose that nickname, why not just rename them the Washington Thinskins? That way they're still "the Skins", and the name is reflective of their nature.

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