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John McAfee: "They Can't Stop Bitcoin"

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Bitcoin is driving the

Bitcoin is driving the central bank owners crazy.

I first used McAfee antivirus

I first used McAfee antivirus when it was shareware some time back in the late 80s when I was a teen. From that point up until recently I had only really seen John McAfee in the news one time, when he was accused of shooting his neighbor.

Lately, though, it seems I am hearing things about him almost on a weekly basis. The media really has taken quite a significant interest in him in the past year or so. I just find that quite interesting.


regulating bitcoin

They don't regulate Bitcoin, they regulate your activity.

They can track anyone and charge you with a variety of federal law violations - money laundering, tax avoidance, etc. They have shut down Bitcoin exchanges.

The reason Federal Reserve notes are money is not because the market chooses it as money, it's because the government threatens people with consequences.

Same with Bitcoin.

Regulating Bitcoins is like...

Regulating Algebra

"it's like trying to stop gunpowder"

yep, he's still a good thinker

Here's John interviewed by Alex Jones a year ago...


It was probably the pandas

Crazy Story..

Glad he got away from there..

I don't know what to believe about his past but right now he is saying and doing all the right things.