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Whitehouse.gov "We the people petitions" shutdown because of 'government shutdown'


Just thought it was funny the amount of effort the feds are putting in to trying to make our lives as difficult and blatant as possible due to the so called 'shutdown'. Over 85% of government services are still running, think the intelligence community is down? No. Think Obama is getting paid? Think again. All this stuff is so sad its funny, and so funny its sad.

Also if you have DirectTv and able to get the Nasa Channel, that ALSO is down.


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I think the government is now delinquent on what it owes us.

It's time we go confiscate the White House.

Would be funny to get all 50 governors together, and convene about removing the DC as an American Territory.

Our government has outdone

Our government has outdone itself now. They have really jumped the shark.

Southern Agrarian

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Like the site actually serves any purpose anyway...

A place people can put serious petitions to have them not taken seriously.

I'm so glad those trillions

I'm so glad those trillions on these wars over the past decade were really worth it.