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Attn: Ohio DP fans: Ohio Legislator pushes bill to restrict 3rd parties from ballot

This is disgusting! Time for a recall effort...

From the Cincinnati Enquirer:

A Green Township Republican’s proposal for regulating minority political parties’ attempts to get on the ballot passed the Ohio Senate on Tuesday, over the complaints of members of the Libertarian and Green parties.

Ohio’s rules for letting minority parties on the ballot were struck down by a 2006 court ruling that said the state made it too hard for the parties to get on the ballot. Directives from the Ohio secretary of state have governed ballot access since then.



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Power always protects power.

Power always protects power. It's up to angry, vocal citizens to right wrongs.

I'm shocked that no-one seems to think this

is very important. Where is the anger and outrage? I'm ashamed to live in this guy's district.