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Christians being labeled "Hate Group" by army - Wake your friends up with current events - Video



There is a surprise at the end of the video...

I posted this last night, but it got buried.

Please share.

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not exactly

they are not labeling all christians as hate groups just one of the more authoritarian anti-gay groups.

here's the first link i found. yes it's media matters but the info looks solid. if you find any inaccuracy in the story please post it instead of complaining about the source.

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Anti-Perversion is BADDDDDD

OMG they r against perversion, they want to lock them up .. Oh NOOOOOO

Can anyone dispute the claims

Can anyone dispute the claims made in the article above, or are people just going to keep voting it down anyway?

I'm not just saying this

It's not a slogan I heard of the radio.
But Christianity in America NEEDS persecution.

Persecution is like Mother's milk to Christianity.

Humans are not thrown or prone to fight for what really matters until there is persecution and the threat of termination.

Christians in other countries where they have had to fight with everything they've got for their faith are praying that God would send American Christians the persecution they need to mature and perfect their faith.

"Needs", or ought to expect persecution

I'll differ with you, BT, on necessity, only to this extent; that persecution is the manifestation of bad conscience done against people of good conscience acting in good faith. When people claim to be of good faith, but don't act that way, they usually don't face much opposition. But just try to take action, judge, and legislate in good faith, in any arena, and persecution will always show up.

It is because compromises of conscience have essentially made truces with the enemy in so many areas, the use of persecution hasn't been necessary for the enemy to prevail with little overt force.

Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them. - Frederick Douglass

Just one question re the Southern Poverty Law Center

While, I'm sorry, but this rehash of some current events items is not worth the time, and while the SPLC list of "hate groups" is old news in itself, what I did fine noteworthy has to do with the briefing of our soldiers, in this case at Camp Shelby. Where else? Key up to 4:10.

Who in our military has given approval for the Southern Poverty Law Center to be briefing American soldiers on so-called domestic hate groups... or anything at all?

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The article stated

That it is not policy....... (yet)
They are ramping up the efforts to portray a radical christian overthrow of the government.

Here is some of the recent rhetoric that pertains to this issue.

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