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Government "Shutdown" Solution

How's this idea for a solution to the current situation with the clowns in Washington:

First, the government is "shutdown," but it's really a small portion. I've seen estimates of around 13%-17% is shut down. Let's call it 15%.

Second, other than parks and a couple of monuments, has anyone noticed the government "shutdown?" I haven't.

Third, since the part shut down is the "non-essential" part, then by definition that part is ... not necessary.

Fourth, small government advocates have been talking about a "balanced budget amendment" to the Constitution for years.

Fifth, the upcoming debt ceiling limit means if it is not extended, then the budget must be ... balanced! No need for any amendment!

So ...

It would be great to see the small government Republicans come out and say that we need a balanced budget, and since we are very close to that right now, let's just continue the partial shutdown ... "for the purpose of the financial security of the American people."

The budget has about $3.0 trillion in taxes, $3.6 trillion in expenses, and the roughly 15% shutdown would be about $0.5 trillion. So, let's just keep that part shut down ... permanently, and reduce the rest of the budget about 5%.

Abracadabra, a balanced budget at $3.0 trillion!

Fire all the employees who are currently part of the non-essential government, and turn the parks and monuments over to the states to manage.

Other than that, focus on making Obamacare FULLY operational (no deferments, no exemptions for ANYONE). If that happens, the people will be outraged about that monstrosity.

Then, see what happens in 2014.

Either the Republicans we re-election, in which case they put the pressure on even more to get rid of Obamacare and continue making the government smaller -- just DARE the Dems to "shut down" more of the government going forward.

Or, the Republicans lose by a landslide in 2014, in which case let the Dems screw the whole thing up over the next couple of years. If the best they can come up with is totally unworkable ideas like Obamacare and continued massive spending, the whole thing will crash within a few years anyway, in which case people will be forced into waking up.

Yes, I know, the big gubmint Republicans will not do this ... but it would be an interesting strategy.

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