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Glenn Greenwald's Possible Next Stop Has Interesting Financial Backing

So GG left The Guardian.

Edited, updated. Sounds like new venture, not joining Dan Froomkin's existing and similar project that is in the fundraising stage (FearlessMedia.org). Instead, Ebay founder Pierre Omidyar has outlined his interest and involvement in GG's new venture. He's gonna drop, for starters, $250mm.

Major financial backing, indeed.


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New day, new publication.

The hands pulling the strings in this new media venture don't look any more questionable than the ones running Salon or The Guardian. I'll only be concerned if I see a change in Greenwald's reporting approach.

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eBay founder

Pierre Omidyar is the one with cash

First Murdoch, now Bezos and

First Murdoch, now Bezos and Omidyar... Who's next? Warren Buffet? Bill Gates? Who else can afford to pour money into a dying industry?

looks like somebody just

looks like somebody just acquired the competition


I have just seen Catherine Austin Fitts mentioning this.

I'm not a subscriber to her site but a LONG TIME follower of her works.

I think the MSM is in serious trouble. ;)

EDIT: This being Crowd funding.

Thanks for the info

It will be interesting to see how this unfolds.

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Put money on it that a certain

Mr George Soros and his nefarious Left Agenda is behind it.

Take a breath Jill,

I think you were wrong about Snowden, but I thank you for the questions you raised.

We are all unraveling decades if not more (much more) of what has happened to America. I salute your diligence.

But you must be careful, don't give credit to Soros every time the truth emerges.

A lot of the people that participated in the DC Truckers effort aren't fully informed, but did so because because of the right reasons.

Trillions have been spent to enslave your mind, don't be part of it.

I don't trust Mr Soros

and his many foundations, most of which are "progressive".
If you care to, it is worth perusing the following.

maybe he's not that bad of a guy?

So he funds groups that lobby for massive cuts in defense spending, supported gays in the military and donates to the ACLU. Terrible!

And he's allegedly supported Glenn Greenwald!

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"They have had no contact." -

"They have had no contact." - Soros spokesperson, in the Buzzfeed article.

Ebay's founder, on the other hand, is rumored to be backing the project.