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Irish Lawmaker Rebukes Obama -Cites Drones and more VIDEO

ie. "Irish Lawmaker Tears Obama a New One"

Daly goes onto say, “is this person going for the hypocrite of the century award? Because we have to call things by their proper names, and the reality is by any serious examination, this man is a war criminal.”

This was in response to Obama’s speech on peace to children in Northern Ireland.


Pay close attention to the end where she acknowledges that people in her country(Ireland) are very fond of "our American brothers and sisters" and she goes on to say that she thinks they "stand firm, shoulder to shoulder with them by making valid criticisms of their president." ...and it gets better!

If anyone can find and post her e-mail, please, let's as many as can send a thank you note!


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Seen before

Still worth the bump ;D

Clare Daly is one feisty Irish lawmaker ...

I think even the Irish consider her to be feisty!

Truth to power! Love it!

I laughed out loud at her chiding of the actions of her government. When she started talking about leprechaun hats and the stars and stripes, I had to start clapping and cheering.

Obomba is

the laughing stalk of the world. Everybody knows he is a fraud.