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We're all Perverts

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this looks interesting

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus

We are all perverts.

We are all perverts - just as the founding fathers were considered perverts by the royal king. Sometimes we break free and think for ourselves.

We're not all perverts

We're all humans, and maybe a few lizard people. Aside from that I agree with pretty much everything Christopher Ryan has said in this video. My intuition enjoys feeling validated by outside research. I'll have to check out his book. Thanks for posting dducks.

Interview Christopher Ryan PHD Psychology


Free includes debt-free!

This guy loves to say

This guy loves to say she-ass.

I wonder if he shares his wife. If he does, I wonder secondly if she has s3x with just anyone or maintains those instinctive selection standards that are also an unnecessary vestigial byproduct of our evolutionary history. Or does she bang just any fat slob? The people want to know.

Why, you looking to get laid?

lol Sorry I couldn't resist, I suspect she has his level of understanding as opposed to a typical woman.

lol no apologies that was a

lol no apologies that was a good one.