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“Obama Is Set to Reset the War on Terror”.

Just as the first African Emperor of Rome, Septimius Severus (April 11, 145 AD – February 4, 211 AD), suspended the Roman Constitution and declared the Roman Empire a military dictatorship, Obama, the first African-American president, will declare martial law in the United States the aftermath of an terrorist invasion. The reason history is always repeating is because humanity is in fact living in New Roman Times. The invasion of America by terrorists will be a valiant political attempt to resurrect Obama to dictator status. This will be accomplished by: a) garnering unprecedented domestic support in the wake of the invasion and subsequent attacks, b) creating unprecedented race related division in the U.S. over an African-American president allowing Al Qaeda and African terrorists to invade, and c), mass death on the scale of Nazi Germany as American gun owners, intellectuals and patriots are rounded up and sent to FEMA camps for extermination.

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