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VIDEO: Distribution of wealth in America

Came across this video that presents a graphical illustration of wealth distribution in America.

The video might have been used by liberals and others to advance the notion of wealth re-distribution, but I am sharing it here just to emphasize the strength of the TPTB and the 1% and what kind of muscle power that libertarians are up against.

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the unscientific bits...

"Yes, the poorest 20-30% are starting to suffer quite a lot compared to the ideal, and the middle class is certainly struggling more than they were while the rich and wealthy are making roughly a hundred times that of the poorest Americans and about ten times that of the still healthy middle class."

One could take the two subjective terms italicized above, develop an objective basis for measuring them, and reapply the concepts with all the otherwise aptly measured statistics to derive a completely different rhetoric. For example, if you flatline the "suffer" stat, and measure other stats against it [with the assumption that people in general "suffer" about as much as they always have, you could show the history of how our increased plunge into Socialism actually shows that wealth in terms of money distribution is not actually proportional or connected really at all to levels of suffering or struggle. This would imply that the term "fair" is typically misapplied, overused, and distinctly moot.

1% is misleading

it starts at a annual income of ~$350k

I think if the top 1% were split apart in 0.1% increments you will find that the top 0.1% is way beyond the other 0.9%

small business owners that barely keep the business afloat are in the 1%.

I agree

That 1% is for convenience than an accurate number. The real tptb would more likely be 0.000001% (300 top banksters out of the 300 million US population).

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