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Make sense? Nashua gas station clerk halts robbery with handgun, gets fired hours later

NASHUA – When Shannon “Bear” Cothran was threatened by a knife-wielding robber on Monday morning, he didn’t think twice about what to do.

Cothran, who was working after midnight at the Shell gas station at 301 Main St. in Nashua, pulled out his Ruger LCP .380 handgun.

The robber turned and walked out the door, and Cothran called the police, bringing a swift end to the robbery attempt.

Cothran believes his decision to carry a firearm might have saved his life Monday morning. But the owners of the gas station took a different view.

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Sounds reasonable

It's not uncommon to let an employee go who turns out to be overqualified.

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.

my brother just started a cashier job

and has already been robbed, he has been subpoenaed to court. i have told him that he should carry protection he now takes his knifes but i told him my .38 snub nose is always free for him to use. lucky in my brother robbery in counter the man asked for change for one federal note as the drawer opened the man reached over to grab 20 bucks and running out the door.
there no way in hell i would do this type of work with out my pistol on me!!!!!

Shell and Federal Reserve members want the public disarmed.

Moral of the story. Point the gun but keep your mouth shut.

First off, don't volunteer information to the police.

Don't frame yourself as a hero.

Be satisfied that the would be burglar soiled his drawers and has to explain to his mom or wife the poopy pants.

Free includes debt-free!

People fired cannot collect

People fired cannot collect unemployment. File for food stamps and Obamacare immediately.



Makes sense if...

If you live in la la la la la la la la land!!! Or if it's opposite day...

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Contact information

Shell Service Station - Have a good experience? A poor one? Let us know!

(questions, comments, service station locator)

Phone: 888-GO-SHELL (888-467-4355)
E-mail: ShellCustomerCare@shell.com

Boycott this Shell station

The employee had a right to bear arms, especially in New Hampshire.

The company needs to learn a lesson. Folks, boycott this place until they apologize to the employee and take him back. This is an example of an employee protecting the assets of a company. What thanks did they give the employee. Next time there won't be a place to rob.

Do not give this place any of your money.

Boycott, now.

Volokh Conspiracy just covered this...


It seems perceived employer liabilities may trump your natural right of self defense. This is uncomfortable territory for me as I carry ALL THE TIME.


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Business owners are rightfully afraid of liability

It is a reality of the sad state we live in. For this reason many have a policy of just let the robber have the money. I would imagine that is the case here. As a clerk I would carry also but I would not stop the robber from taking the cash or anything else that belongs to the store but if it came to my life then I would absolutely use my weapon.

After all your life is not worth your job but the store owner can't fire you for not stopping a robber. At least not without facing the resulting liability. :-)

Any boss who would fire a worker like that is evil.

End of story. Doesnt matter what the conditions of employment were. The only concievable rationale for firing a worker in that situation is that you wanted them dead.

It isn't so easy to decide

When someone is threatening you with a weapon, unless you have experience to know what's going to happen, you should be prepared to defend yourself and not assume they will just take your money.

I agree.

Like I said, if it comes to your life then use your weapon. The job isn't worth dying for. He apparently thought it had come to that point.

How much could his widow get

because of a company policy that will not allow an employee to defend themselves? The uptick in robbery is because crooks can make some quick cash knowing that employees are not able to defend themselves.


You're preaching to the choir man. Again I say that just goes to show the sad state of our society.

It sucks because these businesses are subject to

huge settlement awards for liabilities regarding employee actions.

Plus the lawyers are'
a) motivated to drain excess cash from deep pockets
b) obligated advocate for their clients, criminal or otherwise who are injured during an event where the employee harms someone or causes someone to harm someone.

I like liability laws

The corporation is a tool that has centralized economic wealth to a small priviledge class.
The ruling class of "too big to jail" relies on the corporation to shield their wealth from their crimes of bribery, racketeering, and theft.
I think if you got rid of this pre-individual rights, imperialist, mercantilist institution called the 'corporation', then there would be a whole lot less "too big to fail"s.
That way when some crazy politically connected rich guy tries to organize a huge conglomerate business enterprise his risks will multiply. Robust liability law amplifies that.
As things stand now, the corporation ensures that however big a business gets, the risk to the board of directors is constant.
The corporation should not be a tool in general use. It is a weapon of war and emergency that contradicts individual rights enshrined in the constitution.

Conditions of Employment

While I do not agree with such conditions of employment in most cases, the policy was in written form. I am not in the habit of telling private employers what conditions they may set so long as those conditions are otherwise within the law.

Ever been late to work?

I hope your boss isnt too legalistic. To put it another way the boss is hiding behind the contract. If the contract isnt moral, tear it up.

Now that the suspect

knows the new night clerk will be unarmed he can return and get the money he was trying for to start with. Maybe he won't hurt the new clerk too much, and the owners seem ready to loose the money (and pay the emergency room/medical bill) instead of allowing their employee's to protect themselves!

Let's Pull a protest NH Liberty members

Get out there and protest the gas station, block the entrances. Take a page out of the liberal handbook and do it, get off your asses New Hampshire people.


The guy probably violated the terms of his employment. He's not owed a job. He took a risk by bringing a gun to work and it didn't pan out.

Because such terms of

Because such terms of employment are unconscionable.

They get to decide the terms of employment. They also get to fire their employees for violating the terms.

We get to tell them that we think they're putting their employees at risk and chose not to patronize them.

We also get to tell EVERYBODY ELSE (including customers on their way to the station) that they're putting their employees at risk and ask them to chose not to patronize them.

= = = =
"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.

Didn't pan out?

He's still alive. I'd say that's better than being stabbed to death.

Story for the Grandkids

Did ya hear the one about the punk that tried to rob the gas station, he brought a knife to a gunfight...

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Although his gun was a

Although his gun was a deterrent, what proof do you have that he was about to be stabbed to death? Most robbers are cowards.

re: most robbers are cowards

So, what then? Should people take a chance and assume "oh well geez, this robber is a coward. I have nothing to worry about!"

When someone pulls a knife on me (has happened twice), I assume they're going to stab me with it and I reacted accordingly. If I hadn't shown them what *I* was carrying, they wouldn't have been so cowardly.

Store policy aside, the man was 100% in the right IMO.

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