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New Jersey Senatorial Election Today!

Todays the day! After being outspent 8-1 Steve Loneagan has increasingly rose in the polls, from being a longshot to a chance from the disgust of mayor corey booker. I have been tracking social networking feel on the major NJ news sites and wow do people truly dislike corey booker. I think this race is alot closer than we think.. And your vote and every vote matters. This race is unpredictable, but im asking and pleading with you if you havent voted and or dont plan on voting to vote. This election does matter and the impact if loneagan wins will be huge. His policies on illegal wars, the fed, surviellance, and liberty is just what we need in washington. Please vote! Bring a friend! Call people! We can win this!

All New Jersey liberty activists will you be voting today for steve loneagan? What have you heard at the grassroots level?

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I don't live in NJ, but a

I don't live in NJ, but a couple of friends who do have voted.

I agree, if Booker wins by less than ten points, it has to be looked at as a genuine victory for Lonegan, as an increasing number of the public accepts the fact that the vote counts are suspect.

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels


if they don't vote at all he will for sure not win.

I say vote anyway

Pollsters were off by 40 points in BC!

During the recent Provincial election in British Columbia, Canada, the super far-left NDP Party were being pumped up by the tv pundits and newspapers as having a 25 point lead over the not-so-far-left Liberal Party. Everyone was saying it was going to be a landslide for the NDP Party.

When election day came and the results started pouring in the pundits were flabbergasted by the MEGA flip in votes as the Liberals ended up winning with a 17-point lead over the NDP; biggest political shake-up in Canadian history.


Basically, every news outlet had socks in their mouths and it took weeks for them to crawl out from their destroyed clout as political 'experts'. It was awesome to see the media sh!t a brick.

Go Lonegan!

Stranger things have happened.



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It will be Tough

Sure, a lot of people in NJ do not like Corey Booker. But a lot of NJ people do not like Obama, either. Obama won by a 20% landslide in NJ last year. Booker's ads have been featuring Obama. Booker has been campaigning 100% on Obama polices.

A few days ago, Lonegan hit a peak of about 12% behind Booker and is now at 14% behind. Some people believe that Lonegan is starting to slip in the polls because he had two debates and several events where he tied himself to Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Sarah Palin. These stars are not popular in NJ and certainly would never convince Obama fans to vote for Lonegan.

The only hope is for a poor turnout for Booker fans and a high turnout for Lonegan fans. The turnout cannot be predicted because there has never been a Wednesday special election like this one to compare it with.

So far, Lonegan has done better than any other statewide free market candidate in NJ for the past fifty years. Many people in NJ are praying for a miracle.

Here is one of his latest interviews, where he spars with an Obama oriented reporter:


Gene Louis
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depends on your poll

i have seen as low as 5% and 8%

Lonegan internal polling shows its a dead heat, in addition if it was not close you wouldn't see the money pour in for Booker from outside NJ these last 10 days.

I would not be shocked if Lonegan wins.

Whenever you have a truly open seat as in death of Kennedy in Mass, people are willing to try a change.