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What If We Had a New Pledge of Allegiance

I pledge allegiance,
To the Constitution,
For these United States of America,
And to the Republican form of government,
Which it created,
One nation with divided and limited government,
To ensure liberty and justice for all.


Whatchall think if some school somewhere started doing this and making the national news?

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Pledging oaths to inanimate objects is weird

In theory, Judeo-Christian tradition is not to swear oaths to any inanimate objects.

Besides the pledge was concocted postbellum by a socialist.

There's no reason for any

There's no reason for any kind of a pledge.

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To the violence of the state

How about:

I pledge allegiance
to the violence of the state
Because I have to
Because if I don't they'll shoot me or throw me in jail
One nation
Under guns
With obedience and taxes for all.

Too much? I was going to do "with oppression and tyranny for all" but it felt a little overly dramatic.

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I think some people

are desperate to hold onto their belief of a United States God to look after them and its government idols.

Great Idea!

I'm not poetic, but this would be my pledge ;]

I pledge Allegiance,
to no institutionalized collective,
but to my fellow human beings,
To assist them in life
if they ever have hardship.
One earth, (under god), created equally
for Liberty and Justice for all.

I don't like being forced into a collective.

Also, if you look at it, the constitution has either failed to prevent, or completely enabled the current system we have today, and went against the centralization of power that the revolutionary war was fought upon.

Too bad we had debt from those early wars and the framers of the constitution couldn't collect taxes (as a nation) under the articles of confederation, hence the creation of the constitution with the hopes that the central government would stay small.

Didn't turn out so well. As with all great nations, the US is following the 'Alexander Fraser Tytler' cycle of ~200 year lifespan. As 'our' country became so prosperous from our liberties and freedoms, we became apathetic to safeguarding that which made 'us' great in the first place.

And the Constitution had the loopholes to allow such a behemoth of a government to be created.

The only correct path we as humanity should take is throwing off such notions that any centralized government is even needed, as they have always lead to the same corruption and abuses of human rights every time they are tried.

Let us remember that our love does not stop at some fictional line drawn on the map by some politicians.

Let's evolve, not revolve.

just my 2 cents.

How about we get rid of it

How about we get rid of it entirely and stop forcing kids to say it in school.

I agree.


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The MSM would just zero in on

The MSM would just zero in on "Republican" and make a joke of it, and the majority would laugh and not care.

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