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Does Ron Pauls subscription TV channel leave a bad taste in your mouth?

I think he's burning the good faith and credit earned with his fans during the election by asking for subscriptions.

I keep getting calls to action, and the only action is to subscribe. I hate to be rude and unsubscribe from his mailing, but I think that's tacky.

Can't believe he's asking for subscriptions when, a) he's got more money than most his supporters, and b) in today's world who subscribes for anything? Time Magazine - not!

It's probably a dead-end concept in today's facebook, youtube, advertising driven world.

What do you think?

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RP is not the fed, he can't just print money to do whatever he wants.

There are plenty of FREE repubs of his content that ANYONE can watch at ANY TIME on youtube. the people that pay for the sub have an understanding that in order to do something it needs FUNDING.

He Already Has a Few Websites

This is a supplement to them.

It's the newsletters all over again.

Alex Jones has a better business model for reaching people. Which leads me to believe that isn't the purpose of this channel.

still waiting to sign up ,but

still waiting to sign up ,but have to wait to have 10 bucks a month to spend. hopefully in the next 2 weeks.

on another note, they need to have a free access type of site so they can expand the base to outside of us.

Ron Paul 2016

I see it differently and am happy to subsribe for access.

Am hoping he is able to build up a sizable fund via subscriptions, to be spent as he sees fit, particularly in 2014 & 2016.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

Not Really

And besides, I brush my teeth every day! I am enjoying the RPC, and not crying about $9 a month either.

Its not about the money

As others have stated, the problem with his channel is that those who are willing to subsribe to it are people who already support Ron Paul and his ideas.

He is "preaching to the choir" whereas having a website with free material would help "wake people up".

Im not saying the website is useless and im not saying he shouldnt do as he pleases and charge money for it. But its not spreading the message, its appeasing his followers.

The message is spreading.

And at some point people have to take the training wheels off their bike. Everybody finds out it's a lot more fun when they do.

The brain dead aren't going to wake up, we already have almost 50% depending on a failing government and many of them are PAYING for cable TV.

Paul is forward thinking.

I've found this thread very useful is exposing who 'gets it'.

Im sorry but 50%? Im not

Im sorry but 50%? Im not nearly as optimistic as you. Id say more like 5-10%. Once the financial collapse happens people will probably run to daddy Obama or moma Clinton while those on the right will blame the liberty movement for "stealing" the election by not voting for either parties, like they did with Romney.

It kind of tastes like the newsletters.

I was always embarrassed by his news letters and I don't see this channel being much different. It seems more like cashing in on a cause than leading one.

The other issue for me is that the show isn't produced well. Ron has always had a problem with the production value of his media. The videos of supporters often are much more creative and professional.

I'm not against paying for content. I'd pay for VICE, but I wouldn't pay for the product Ron's selling. And why is he selling this anyways. Did he not plan well enough to be able to retire by now? I'm sure he did. Does he need the paycheck? I would hope not. So why do it? Why not take that time spent preaching to the choir and use it for evangelizing the cause of liberty? It's just that is what I would do if I was as wealthy as Ron.

Ron's channel have production costs.

He charges because he want's to remain in full control of what is published. And he would find the effort fruitless if there weren't enough people supporting it.

One would think a 'revelator' would have thought through this. Bringing up the 'newsletters' to dilute Ron's message is really telling.

I'm ok with it

All that video production isn't free. That said, the price is too high for me to pull the trigger on it. That's what makes a market. We'll see if our favorite Austrian starts sending a different "price signal" !

Nope no bad taste IT IS NONE OF MY BUSINESS

As long as no one forces or threatens me for fines me or sends a swatt team or dog the bounty hunter or an IRS agent after me for not paying or subscribing I dont give a flying flip how anyone chooses to run their web site.


One Word


Sometimes I'm flabbergasted.

How is this a hard concept?? If you value something in a free market then you pay for it. You don't expect that it should be just given to you for free. Don't be a moocher!! Why the hell should Ron have to dip into his personal retirement (keeping in mind that he refused his taxpayer funded pension) to put together his professionally run online news channel? Are you crazy? I have donated an ABSURD amount of money to Ron's campaigns, YAL, various other liberty candidates and offshoots, Institute for Justice, etc. For me, throwing in a 10 spot once a month to support the Ron Paul Channel is nothing. Hell, I'm embarrassed it's not more. I blow 10 times that on cable alone (cause my spouse won't let me cut the cord). It's an absolute joy to be able to literally "turn off the TV and turn on the truth". Now I watch his channel whenever I want to catch up on stuff. No more fishing around for the least insulting/oppressive/terrible bullshit on the various cable "news" shows.

Bottom line: the Ron Paul Channel is worth WAY more to me than 10 worthless FRNs a month. WAY more. If you disagree, well then that's your prerogative. Hurray for free markets!



I think it's funny how some in the liberty movement can actually say things like, "he has lots of money, he should spend his time and money and give it to me." What a load of crap! Stand on your own two feet man!

"If you want to change government, you have to become government" Ron Paul

For Freedom!

The truth?

There has been a disconnection between Ron Paul and his supporters since day one. Nobody in modern politics has had an army of loyal supporters like Ron. Nobody. Period. Hillary Clinton went on record giving our side accolades. Both parties were surprised by the rise of Ron and scared shitless because of it.

It is that disconnection between Ron Paul and his grassroots that is causing this hiccup. Our grassroots is worth more than all the money in the world. Charging the people who got you there is not the best way to unite your grassroots. This aint rocket science.

Ron Paul has proven to me that he is the best philosophical leader in modern American history. Dr. Paul has a deep understanding of the merits and ideology of believing in the power of freedom. I subscribe to his philosophy, hook.. line and sinker.

I haven't subscribed to his channel. Its not a bad taste.. Im just disconnected.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

RP didn't want or use power

If I'm reading you correctly, I think you're saying Ron didn't utilize the full potential of the grassroots. He never wanted the power, he just wants to live as an example of how to live wisely, probably because that's the solution for all of us as well. In agreement with you, I also wanted him to stir some more shit up while he had the chance. Now that it is gone it stings, leaves a bad taste, etc. Boy the shit I would have stirred up if it had been me...

Rest with this.

"Ron Paul has proven to me that he is the best philosophical leader in modern American history. Dr. Paul has a deep understanding of the merits and ideology of believing in the power of freedom. I subscribe to his philosophy, hook.. line and sinker."

Well said. Ron Paul put in 30 years and bought a LOT of books on his own to have his understanding.

I'm sick of the intellectual weaklings that demand free shit from Ron, like Obama supporters demand free phones. Obama hands out taxpayers money, Ron is asking for nothing. He's offering a product.

Ron Doesn't DEMAND you pay him $10 bucks a month. I find it intellectually STUPID for anyone to have a bad taste in their mouth over this.

I'm mad... I invested

I'm mad... I invested thousands into the Paul campaigns and in the end got very little in return. He could use the momentum to grow the cause yet he chooses to preach to the few.


Maybe Paul just wants you to go outside and get some sun once in a while. I mean, if you don't have fifteen bucks to spare than you need to get your ass off the computer and do something productive.

I just hope when something important comes along we get to hear about it without a pay wall.

All rights reserved and no rights waived.

It's kind of lame in my opinion

I don't think the Ron Paul channel is going to "wake up" very many people. People will not change their minds and behavior until they feel the need to. They have to really feel it. I do not find the rp channel aesthetically pleasing and considering where his political campaign went in 2012 I don't feel the need to spend Any more money. Others may differ in opinion and that's okay.



I Trust Ron Paul, and if he needs my fiscal support, OK $$$

As they used to say in Cincinati, 'Shake the hand, that shake the hand.'

How terrible that the man,

How terrible that the man, who is not participating in the lucrative Congressional pension program, needs to earn a living. At least he is providing something of value. More subscribers means more profits which means better security for the organization. This is business 101.

Your voice is being heard and

Your voice is being heard and our movement is growing stronger. At the Ron Paul Channel, you can be a part of the revolution. With you by my side, we can really get loud. Together we can create a platform for truth.

Join the Ron Paul Revolution!

The above was in my in box this morning... LOL My voice? His voice isn't being heard by many when it only comes with a subscription. Get loud? Screaming at the choir? Want to really spread the word... Post it for free.


This is more a reflection of your personal ethics than anything else.

No it is a reflection of how

No it is a reflection of how to avoid spreading the word as far and wide as it could be spread.

I wanted to comment for my first time

I have been a daily reader of the DP since RP was running for president and never had created an account.
But, today was different. I wanted to comment.

I think that paying $10 a month for the Ron Paul Channel is something everyone should support.
a) I could care less that RP has more money than
me/most his supporters.

b)"in today's world who subscribes to anything?"
I had to subscribe to the DP to be able to comment for my first time.
everyone commenting here subscribes. right?

And to the people who say that THE RP CHANNEL is only being used by the people who already know about him. Therefore not spreading the message
I would ask,

How much would you pay for a RP commercial?

It always make me happy to watch RP on the mainstream media, Saying the same thing he has been saying for many years. Talking about the truth that woke me up.
We used to unite and spread the message.
Back in 2008, we made GOOGLE RON PAUL signs.
We had the RON PAUL Blimp.
We would email mainstream media asking to interview RP.
We donated to RP. We would donate for commercials.
The message is the same. running for president or not.

We all want to promote the message of liberty, right?
I see it this way.
I pay $10 a month to have RP on the mainstream media with his blue logo behind him spreading the message.
To see him win.
He really had it hard back then, most anchors are not even arguing now.
People listen, People wake up.
Do you believe in the power of the message?
"An idea whose time has come, cannot be stopped by any army or any government"

Do you think that one day someone could be somewhere at the right time and see RP on the mainstream media for the first time and wake up?
What if THE RON PAUL CHANNEL was used to gauge support?
What if THE RON PAUL CHANNEL worked and more people woke up and subscribed?
Would the media try to stop him?

How about we keep spreading the message.

I have been surprised at how much time RP has been obtaining and the media helping him promote the new channel.

Where is everyone that would donate $100 at a time to RP?
Ron Paul's message is always the same. Running for president or not.

When I donated to RP before I always assumed that the funds would be used to help cover expenses while promoting the message.
Nothing has changed.

What if The Ron Paul Channel worked?

There is a concept called stewardship

I am sure he looked at several revenue models when it came to launching this Ron Paul Channel and it was quite likely that someone may have advised to do a commercial-supported program that would be able to reach out to the most number of people. Of course this approach is problematic if you do not want blowback from any associations with current and future controversial sponsors to affect not only the message you want to deliver but also unduly affect the budding political career of your son.

The benefit of his current revenue model is that it is a monthly contract so that should his health start to wane or his energies are tied up in another project (i.e. a new book), he can abruptly suspend the channel without much complication from subscription contracts. Also. it is probably not lost on Dr Paul the universal dictum that a good or product that you pay for is more valued than something that you acquired with no effort or financial consideration. For instance, a student working and paying direct tuition is more likely to complete their degree than one who gets free money or subsidized loans for school. So too with a paid subscription; you are more likely value every episode of the RPC than someone else who gets the content for free because you would assign a higher premium on each episode than them.

But I suspect you believe the net proceeds from your subscription fees are being used to fund other projects that Ron Paul finds worthwhile. And you trust his judgment. This is the concept of stewardship. In contrast to involuntary redistribution, stewardship requires a high-level of trust with the personal integrity and wisdom of the steward and the free exchange of the resources to the steward to uses as he sees fit. Whenever people give money to a cause like the American Red Cross for disaster relief, they are trusting that the ARC will exercise good stewardship and use the donated funds for disaster relief in general and leave it to the ARC coordinators to use the money as they see fit in the course of providing disaster relief. Ron Paul then, even if he was making a tidy profit from this channel, the subscribers trust that he would use some of the net proceeds to champion the cause of liberty. And who would believe that after voting on principle for nearly three decades in Washington, he would turn around abandon his principles and waste the money entrusted to him RPC subscribers?

I would agree though that the way RPC is trying to convince people to subscribe is uncannily similar to what his advisers did while email fundraising in the last election. Perhaps their approach needs some reevaluation or maybe some sort of promotion or gift for long-time subscribers as an incentive for future subscribers.