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Obama Pushes a Redskins Name Change — While He Uses Tomahawk Missiles and Apache Helicopters

October 16, 2013
Say what you want about President Obama, his sense of taste and sensitivity is matched by few in public office. Earlier this month in an interview with the Associated Press, President Obama said that if he were the owner of the Washington Redskins and he knew the name was “offending a sizable group of people,” then he would “think about changing it.”

Joining the president’s sentiments is NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who had previously shown support for the team’s mascot but has lately changed his tune a bit. During halftime of Sunday night’s broadcast of the Redskins-Cowboys game, sportscaster Bob Costas also weighed in, calling our capital’s team name “an insult, a slur, no matter how benign the present-day intent.”

I have been very critical of President Obama these last few years, but thankfully there is finally something that I can agree with him on! And due to the president’s progressive credentials, I hope that he will lead stubborn Redskins owner Dan Snyder by example.
By Westernerd | Robert Taylor spends his time writing, ranting, studying, protesting stupid wars, and advocating the virtues of economic and political freedom. He has written for multiple websites and dedicates himself to undermining the state's ability to initiate aggression against peaceful people. He blogs at www.alittlerebellion.typepad.com.

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I'm sure those tribes are just thrilled

to be associated with war weapons. Much cooler than silly old football teams. (sarcasm.)

How About "Obama pushes name change while Rome burns

around him". I mean - can anything be less important at this point in time??
And who gives a rats ass what ANYBODY thinks in DC.

And why all of a sudden? It's been offensive for a long time, so why now?

Very simple really.

I just cant wait until Obama starts on the Patriots - I mean - after all we can't have a team named after terrorists.

LOL..Patriots.....made me think of the IRS

and all that stuff with the PAC's...

They could always change the name to the Washington Pale Skins...

As for "why now"

I don't think the timing is "by chance" at all. It's a typical "wedge issue" distraction that keeps people focused on each other ("racism!") rather than on the real problems (which are springing up all over the place)