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Foreign Aid Video Reference-Please Help

I remember a wonderful video posted here (maybe YouTube, but I'm not sure) about the real function of foreign aid, or what the World Bank was really doing, or something like that. It was a kind of animation, that had a small country given loans for development (i.e., the sociopaths claiming to represent the people of a country), and then being unable to repay, being invaded by military forces, made completely submissive and dependent, etc.

Can anyone point me to a link for that video? It might have been on some organization/educational site.

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Thanks Jill.

That's a good one I hadn't seen.

The one I'm looking for had a less "sensational" feel and a more "informational" one. If I remember correctly, it had some kind of zoom in map of the world and the role of some kind of organization like the IMF or the World Bank was included. It picked out a particular country and then went through pretty much the same process, including a few other aspects (like artifically created dependence in agriculture for example) and left out some like the emphasis on terrorists.

But your video is pretty much the same idea with a different presentation.

If anyone finds mine, please let me know. I'll keep checking back.

Hello farmer, Bump

I recall reading of such a thing, video not yet.

How long ago?

Free includes debt-free!

I'll guess...

...it was a posting here about 1.5 to 2 years ago. (Though it's hard to keep exact track of time of posting like that on the Daily Paul.) Thanks for keeping the post up for comment.

Not in the last year.


Free includes debt-free!

Still looking...

I think maybe it was on some kind of informational website.