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New Study on Iraq Death Count 50 Times Higher Than Americans Think

Part of American Exceptionalism is never having to admit when your government kills hundreds of thousands of people.

A new study says the U.S. invasion and subsequent war in Iraq killed an estimated 460,800, higher than most of the estimates frequently cited in the mainstream media, but lower than the controversial 2006 Lancet study that estimated between 400,000 and 655,000 excess deaths.

The authors of the study, which was published in PLOS Medicine, detail a more rigorous methodology than has ever been employed for previous Iraq War mortality estimates.


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Where are these people

Where are these people getting their info from? People think that only 10k died? Thats news to me. I already had the impression that 500k died.
I suppose I cant expect better informed people...

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

This is what happens when our

This is what happens when our government makes the decision to not even try and count the number of dead Iraqis.