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National Grassroots Organization to Remove Boehner as Speaker - Can we get this going please

Can we get a national effort going to remove Beohner from the speakership.

I think it has to be nationwide and it has to involve every single congressional district, so sick of this closet Obama supporter doing absolutely nothing.

If I knew code I would already have put up a website.

Stand Up

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Him or worse?

You can't control who his replacement would be.

A calculated coup from our people in Congress, from a position that would have high likelihood of success. A failed attempt from an external wishlist would just result in
......wait for it....................blowback!

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ

Good luck

According to this article, it sounds like the Republicans love him.


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listened to 2 conservative house reps on the radio

and they said there were no standing ovations from the conservative side.

Of course the source is the national review

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Actually it would be nice to see it happen

But I have a hunch if someone does run against him he's done for. He has done nothing but let his diehard R followers down as a caving-in backroom deal wimp.