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Math has no favorites. Dave Ramsey breaks down the MATH behind Obamacare premiums. (Video)

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wow he went all the way back to 1833

whose investment portfolio stretches that far? and the fact that he calls gold an investment does show his ignorance on the topic.

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He knows that gold WAS stable up until the Fed was created.


I'm not a Ramsey fan--

what do other DPers think of this?

The bottom line is that insurance companies, the entire MIC is a racket--as is government.

I want to have the freedom NOT to have insurance and NOT to use government 'help'--

do *you* have any idea how unusual that is?

"Everyone" wants some kind of insurance, and yet those with insurance still frequently have medical debts and bankruptcy; it doesn't 'insure' anything--

oh well--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

I though it was a good, dispassionate look at some of the

numbers on Obamacare.

I will admit that I don't know much about Dave Ramsey as I have not taken any of his courses, nor do I listen to his show. Seems like a decent guy.

What happens if you miss

What happens if you miss your Obamacare payments? Do you lose your health insurance?

I'm sure

I'm sure there's a tax buried in there somewhere that will get you for that.