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December 3, 2013: Ryan Mauro -- Islamist Networks in NJ

Ryan Mauro will present an entire briefing about Islamist networks in N.
J. Clarion's new movie, "Honor Diaries," about women's rights in the
Muslim world should be out by December 3rd. If so, it will be our
"Movie Before The Meeting." Check it out at www.honordiaries.com.
Ryan Mauro, 25 years old, is the National Security Analyst for
RadicalIslam.org, a project of the Clarion Fund, which produced the
films, "Obsession," The Third Jihad," and Iranium." Mauro is a
frequent guest analyst on the Fox News Channel as well as other news
outlets. He is also a consultant to government agencies and an adjunct
professor. Mauro was originally hired in 2002 at the age of 16 to be a
geopolitical analyst for Tactical Defense Concepts, a maritime-related
security group, believed to be the youngest hired geopolitical analyst at
that time. His analysis has been widely published and he has made over
300 appearances on radio and television from both the left and the


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