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Letter to our local Water/Sewer utility!

To whom it may concern,

This letter is to serve as a proposition regarding the assessment of late fees by the City of ……….. to our outstanding monthly balance. I understand that late fees are typically assessed automatically and that our payment to the City of ……….. is made after the 25th/month and has been for quite some time now. However, I would like to explain the reason for our lateness of payment to the City of ……….. and hopefully come to an arrangement that is productive for all of us.

We have always paid our water/sewer utility and have never requested assistance nor made payment arrangements due to an inability to pay. It is not that we are unable to pay our utility payment, rather it is not possible to pay it by the 25th/month as so mandated as of a couple years past. We are already struggling with our finances as we have limited income for our household, however we understand as parents the necessity and benefit of having water and sewer for our basic needs. The City of ……….. by its own records can attest to the monthly payment of this utility on our behalf and I would like to point out that the recent assessment of late fees on a monthly basis is not only counterproductive to our situation, but a frustration to the purpose of paying our utility.

This letter is to communicate the situation we are facing financially and to be forthright with the City of ……….. as our provider of such utility services. We would like to propose that if we maintain a payment to the City of ……….., delivered no later than the 1st/month, that it be agreed any late charges will be waived. I do not get paid until the last business day of each month, therefore paying the utility payment by the 25th/month prior is not feasible and has not been for some time as you’ve noticed by the disciplinary action in assessing late fees to our monthly utility bill. Please understand that we will continue to pay the City of ……….. as we have been loyal in doing so.

Thank you for your time in addressing our concerns.


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