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Bill De Blasio's "Politician Speak"

More sickening politican-speak. Bill DeBlasio says he "appreciates that analysis". Reminiscent of Jay Carney's "I appreciate the question" (http://www.politico.com/politico44/2013/05/watch-jay-carney-...). Any politician who uses this type of language ought to be called out for it. This is clearly a tactic.


So Hollywood leftist Alec Baldwin kicked off his premiere news talk show on MSNBC this weekend — and his signature temper tantrum-type personality kicked in quickly, with put-downs of New York's police as lazy lawbreakers with racist tendencies.

His first guest on “Up Late With Alec Baldwin” was none other than Democratic Party mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio, The New York Post reported. And the two were in sync on the problems with the city's police.

“Stop-and-frisk, to me, seems lazy,” Mr. Baldwin said, in The Post report.

Mr. de Blasio’s reply: “I really appreciate that analysis because it’s a tough city and a tough city to police.”

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