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This Wacko Bird has Lindsey Graham in his sights!

The Republican Liberty Caucus was founded in 1991 after a small group of activist libertarians wanted to grow their influence throughout the Republican Party. Ron Paul was a former Chairman of the RLC. The RLC was also an early backer to Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. And now the RLC is endorsing Lee Bright for 2014!



The RLC takes their endorsements seriously. And in order to secure an endorsement from the RLC, candidates must fill out their survey and conduct an interview with them. The other two candidates running against Graham -- Nancy Mace and Richard Cash -- declined the RLC's request for this information.

It's become very clear that the only liberty candidate running against Graham is now Lee Bright.

  • Introduced legislation in South Carolina to make any firearms from South Carolina exempt from federal regulations
  • Introduced legislation authorizing that all schools in the state the right to offer elective courses in firearm
  • "I love to hunt but that's not what the 2nd is about. The second amendment is for hunting down tyrants!"

  • Introduced legislation to give South Carolina its own currency in case the Federal Reserve system collapsed.
  • Supported prohibiting the restriction on free speech or religion at any government agency or institution.
  • Supported the nullification of the NDAA and Patriot Act
  • Will support the nullification of Obamacare at the beginning of the 2014 South Carolina legislative year in the State Senate which has already been passed by the lower chamber in South Carolina

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Seems no one is excited to

Seems no one is excited to replace Graham with a liberty candidate, Lee Bright...