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Poll: How Long do we Have?

Hello you Highly enlightened Very intelligent Human Beings!

I have a question for you: How Long do we Have Left before SHTF?

Whether it's a currency collapse, False Flag attack, War, Martial Law... How much longer do we have before the Constitution is totally disregarded and this country comes out of the Totalitarian Closet.

I think we are witnessing the Bigger Cracks in the Foundation starting to break. We are just catching a climpse of what is to come. Civil unrest, Food Stamp Riots, Inflation, Government Persecutions, Targeted Assassinations, It's all here already... But How long before it's the Norm, Before it's official Government policy?

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We already had martial law

Boston and then all the 'shelter in place' events that went on for about a month after from all over the country.

Indeed. Practice makes perfect!


What would the Founders do?

Cops killing people indiscriminantly already

laying the foundations for a new normalcy bias, ensuring people become desensitized to mass in discriminant killing.


The Constitution is already disregarded

We're well past that point already. All of the other stuff you listed are symptoms of currency debasement, so that should be the main focus.

Nobody has a crystal ball of course, and as the saying goes "the markets can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent" should be in the front of everyone's mind as they make their own choices about what to do...

That being said, I give it only a few years. 2-3.

It looks like there's still plenty of kool-aid to drink, and the paradox of a second crisis starting here in the USA and the USD actually strengthening afterward as a perceived safe-haven is a very real possibility. Though for how long, is the trillion(s) dollar question...

Actually, the next crisis may come from Japan.They're only 200 basis points away from "show-time". A 2% move in borrowing costs will eat up all of their tax revenues to service their debt.


The key is to let each aspect of unprincipled governance dissolve under its own ignorance, while responding with better answers: what is it then to avoid repeating the whole tragic cycle?

Otherwise regarding time-tables it feels very close, but who knows exactly when TSHF

Depends on what we do

and how aggressive we are. Change is going to come if we make it happen.