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We can make the difference, ..we are the future!

PLEASE BUMP for Ron Paul's sake!

Ron Paul spent a lifetime trying to educate the masses about liberty, including us, and encouraged us to get involved. Let's make Ron Paul proud of what we learned from him.

We can look at what happened on Wednesday Oct 14, 2012 purely in a negative light, or turn it into a positive adventurous one.

We must see the great opportunity that exists; we now have 81 (YES votes) Republican / Democrat seats to go after in the Senate alone. 35 of those seats are up for grabs in 2014.

ObamaCare is the issue for the 2014 election, and the Democrats are very vulnerable on this one too. Our opportunities are unlimited!

WOW the field is wide open, let’s play ball!

Senate Seats: List of states who have senator seats available in 2014 elections. Find your state and get behind a conservative candidate!
1 Alabama
2 Alaska
3 Arkansas
4 Colorado
5 Delaware
6 Georgia
7 Hawaii (special)
8 Idaho
9 Illinois
10 Iowa
11 Kansas
12 Kentucky
13 Louisiana
14 Maine
15 Massachusetts
16 Michigan
17 Minnesota
18 Mississippi
19 Montana
20 Nebraska
21 New Hampshire
22 New Jersey
23 New Mexico
24 North Carolina
25 Oklahoma
26 Oregon
27 Rhode Island
28 South Carolina
29 South Carolina (special)
30 South Dakota
31 Tennessee
32 Texas
33 Virginia
34 West Virginia
35 Wyoming

House Seats: (All 435 seats representing all 50 States are up for re-election in 2014) Find out who voted YES yesterday and VOTE them out of office!

Be positive, get involved, stay focused, make a difference!

POST your efforts and achievements here. Let's all come together as we did for Ron Paul and make this happen!

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Chris McDaniel for MS

Bye Bye Thad Cochran.


Ron brought the Liberty movement together, Rand is expanding the crap out of it! :)

Thank you!

Thank you!

The election for nj senate

The election for nj senate last wednesday was only to finish out lautenbergs term. There will be another election next year. Maybe steve lonegan can beat him 2nd round

Thanks marrow,, I think the ObamaCare issue will be the turning

point for most voters, even in the most liberal of districts throughout the US.

I'm Bye Polar

See Ya!

Bye Polar? lol Well then, gave a Bye Polar day!

See ya!

A list of Senate race priorities for 2014

Sorting them into seats that are open or whose incumbent voted YES for this budget/debt increase deal and who also is vulnerable to being defeated in a fiscally conservative state the list is:

[#. State - Incumbent (party) why it's a priority &/or winnable]

1. Montana - open; small population, cheap media market, no "frontrunner" yet
2. South Dakota - open; small population, cheap market
3. West Virginia - open; Pat McGeehan running www.mcgeehan2014.com , candidate Rep. Capito voted YES on deal & is anti-liberty
4. Alaska - Begich (D) small population, cheap media market
5. Louisiana - Landrieu (D); cheap advertising market, opponent Rep. Cassidy voted NO on deal but not great on other things
6. Arkansas - Pryor (D); cheap ad market, candidate Rep. Cotton voted YES on deal & is horrible on liberty, peace & prosperity
7. Georgia - open; large pop & average ad market, Derrick Grayson running grayson2014.com, all 3 candidates from House voted NO on deal
8. North Carolina - Hagan (D); Greg Brannon running gregbrannon.com
9. Iowa - open; small pop & affordable ad market, possible candidate pool includes Drew Ivers & Marianne Miller-Meeks (ran for House).
10. Minnesota - Franken (D); liberty GOP support, Kurt Bills reboot or former Governor Jesse Ventura??

That's just my top 10 US Senate races that are winnable. Imagine if just 6 of these seats were taken by liberty Senators. They could determine the majority control and practically determine every thing that gets passed, or doesn't; i.e. renewal of the Patriot Act, future budgets, militarism overseas, etc.

I have looked at some House races, but they are not as important as the Senate ones. It might be a better strategy to shore up some of our liberty Representatives in 2014, along with adding a few good new ones (Brian Nestande in CA-36, Andrew Walter in AZ-9, David Gerson in MN-2, Greg Brikho in MI-9, etc.) where the incumbent voted for this deal and is anti-liberty in many other ways.

Thanks Paulite_2012, for trying to inject some productive, useful thoughts into this website. Unfortunately, using the word "positive" in your headline has unintentionally attracted the usual round of cynical, pessimistic reactions from so many of the posters on DP.

By the way, posters who talk about a large group of people as if they all think alike or make decisions as one unit (i.e. "GOP will cave...", "Washington" is this or that, "take New Jersey off the list", etc.) is all COLLECTIVIST thinking. It's sad to see so many people on the DP who've unintentionally got into the habit of collectivist thinking, as well as a general "to hell with it all" attitude. I feel like that most days, but I don't come on here and bring down other people by expressing those feelings, I find a way to vent my frustration elsewhere.

Please stop poisoning the well.

Thanks! Your thoughts made me rethink the title of this post!

I came to the conclusion that my own title for this topic was itself somewhat negative, so I changed it to what it is now. Hopefully it will attract the old school RPers who gave their all to make a difference during the Ron Paul campaigns.

As we all know, Ron Paul is still traveling this great country of ours trying to make that difference. I'm sure he would be quite disappointed regarding much of what is written here today.

I hope others post here as you have, it is very encouraging that there's still a remnant of the old DailyPaul!

Thanks again! I'm open to suggestions as to what

to use as a title for this post topic. Would be grateful for any advice?

Thank you again for your response.

Thank You TheMoravian

Great information, this is great for everyone wanting to participate. Thank you again!

You can

take NJ off the list. People are morons here.

dont be too harsh on the Garden state

the last election we had a Real Conservative candidate in the special elections that just past. To you it may look like a lost, but to me that is HUUGGEE progress for Libertarian Republicans in NJ.

word of the day: MOMENTUM- An impelling force or strength.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

I see it

as a lost. Nobody is waking up. Jersey people only voted big for Lonegan because they are afraid of Obama Care. It has nothing to do with libertarian beliefs. I get laughed at and called crazy out here.

I am crazy

And I don't pretend to be anything else.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

I always laugh

back and say this, "In an insane world, the sane appear to be insane".

But I can see where you are coming from. We can look at the good things. More people did vote Republican in NJ than normal.

But we are stuck with Christie here. One big FAT FRAUD!

lol, From what I'm reading; a lot of your so morons out there,..

have decided they don't really like ObamaCare anymore. I encourage you to take a survey, you might be surprised!


but ending voting for Cory Booker who is a 100 percent behind Obama Care.

I'm not only positive, I'm

I'm not only positive, I'm HIV positive.

lol, you're excused from infecting anyone with your positivism!

lol, you're excused from infecting anyone with your positivism!

Would you have said the same to


My fellow Hebrews don't worry about all of these Egyptians, we can install a new pharaoh if we capitalize on our political opportunities.


My fellow Christians don't worry about all of these Romans, we can install a new ceasar if we capitalize on our political opportunities.


My fellow atheists don't worry about all of these religious believers, we can install new ecclesiastical courts if we capitalize on our political opportunities.


My fellow negros don't worry about all of these slave owners, we can install a new governor if we capitalize on our political opportunities.


My fellow Anabaptists don't worry about all of these Catholics, we can install a new pope if we capitalize on our political opportunities.


My fellow Americans don't worry about all of these English, we can install a new king if we capitalize on our political opportunities.

That is the super short list. I am not going to say what you suggest is unrealistic but it surely doesn't seem to fit the historical patterns of human nature. It is well settled at every opportunity United States citizens have given up liberty and freedom for perceived safety and security. There has been no shortage of opposition at any stage.

Do you think there were not people who opposed the Constitution? Do you think there were not people opposed to the Civil War? Do you think there were not people who opposed the New Deal? Do you think there were not people opposed to any modern police action?

Do you actually think we are waking people up when there has been opposition at every opportunity? People do not just change their beliefs out of the blue for no reason whether it is in a belief in God or government. When a perceived failure of their God or government is witnessed do people question a belief. When tyranny abounds and a free, independent, and sovereign people lack the spine or courage to resist, it can not be said liberty flourishes.

Repeating the same failed courses of action that have been repeated throughout history is not a strategic path to success. Do not wait until it is extremely difficult to do what is less difficult now. It is not enough for a tireless minority to merely be vocal. There have been many persecuted tireless minorities.

How do you propose to win all of these congressional seats? The only reason the Ron Paul revolution hit the political radar was because when the resources of all members were nationally pooled for Ron Paul it was enough to get on political radar. There are only pockets of local strength as proponents of liberty are scattered to the winds and minorities in almost every district.

Suggesting large numbers of seats in Congress can be won by proponents of liberty is peddling false hope. Polls do not indicate it is possible nor any other known statistic. Failed political adventures divert resources into less productive uses. For instance, if $50 million dollars was invested in a TV news network instead of Ron Paul's campaign, could it be argued that could have been a more productive use considering Ron Paul's campaigns have come and gone. If $50 million dollars was invested in the Free State project to help create a regional geographical majority and start new local businesses, could it be argued that could have been a more productive use of capital?

I am not saying follow me because I have all the answers but I find it extremely hard to believe diverting capital into political ventures attempting to win seats in Congress is a solution.

Finally, I do not need an elected representative to tell me that which I already know. I am free to do as I please and must be prepared to defend myself from all trespassers by any means necessary.

Yes, I would have said the same to ALL of them,

Seems like you mince words with peops looking at your questions.

Anyways.. you said, "The only reason the Ron Paul revolution hit the political radar was because when the resources of all members were nationally pooled for Ron Paul it was enough to get on political radar."

That's not exactly correct. Some of us joined the GOP and then showed up like day of the dead live coming from their central committee seats. They couldn't shake us, and we were writing letters in local papers, and plastering RON PAUL up eveywhere, so they couldn't get away from us.. some of us made it all the way to Tampa.. we put up a great show, and now the tea party caucias, Republican Liberty Caucus and Liberty Caucus command the floor at the conventions, and we all know that we are the future. The GOP is morphing..

Because of representatives like Rand, farmers will be able to grow hundreds of acres of hemp, new mills will open to process fiber, food, feed, plastics, and fuel, giving a lot of people jobs that will hopefully sustain them for many generations. My congressman is a Democrat and would consider himself a Blue Democrat..

RE: "That's not exactly correct"

"Some of us joined the GOP and then showed up like day of the dead live coming from their central committee seats."

No, I was entirely correct. What you refer to as far as seeking to organize within the GOP happened in the second attempt. The first attempt there was a small minority who coalesced online in the summer of '07 but Ron Paul didn't really hit the political radar until the Nov. 5 Money Bomb which was repeated Dec. 16. Those were the nights when the servers hosting dailypaul, ronpaulforums, ronpaulgraphs, etc. were completely overloaded at midnight est.

"Because of representatives like Rand, farmers will be able to grow hundreds of acres of hemp ... "

That is happening because large numbers of people other than libertarians do not agree with criminalizing victimless pot crimes which is a movement that has been growing in steam before Ron Paul ran in 07.

I don't agree

By the time I finally went to a committee meeting, Ron Paul was a bad joke, and the only radar he got on was sharks looking for political guppies to profit riding on Ron's coat tails.. What the MSM shows about the GOP is BS, and there's no way you or anyone could have ever convinced me.. so I don't expect to convince you. What I thought the GOP is, and what it is, how it operates, it was not the money bomb.. that was MSM interests.. the GOP, the real GOP.. it was those who got in and took seats.. we shook them up.. my committee is now a 100% Liberty committee, and if it had not been for me and those like me, willing to show up.. it would have remained what it was.. an embarrassment.

Large numbers of people can agree or not, but unless there is an elected representative standing for them in the house, nothing would happen.

Remember, Remember ...

I was there

Now you're showing me a YouTube of MSM talking about the money, which I said, MSM is interested, the GOP.. the officers, the contributors, the committees, the PACs, had a lot of hostility to the Ron Paul rEVOLutionaires that began going to committee meetings.. it had a much bigger impact in the GOP.

Those who tune into MSM are tuned into the moneybomb. You have proved that. Thank you.


"Those who tune into MSM are tuned into the moneybomb. You have proved that. Thank you."

Let me follow your logic. A group of people think up an idea for a money bomb to get MSM exposure. There are no MSM stories of the formation of the money bomb. After a successful money bomb someone takes clips of the MSM coverage and uses it in an online promotional video for a second money bomb. There is no MSM coverage of the second money bomb until after it happens but ....

"Those who tune into the MSM are tuned into the moneybomb."

Apparently I proved it roflol.


Those who are tuned into MSM and events like the moneybombs are usually not very tuned into what's going on in the GOP committees, and why for example, there is so much opportunity for corruption, or how the GOP lost it's way, CA GOP digs up $3 million in one day and no one talks about that.. and somehow 6 million, that magic number, is what they remember best.. LOL.. that is funny.

I could almost buy what you are saying but

no one was "tuned" into the GOP in 2007 except a small minority of Ron Paul supporters who were Republicans and participated in the party.

Actually the whole criticism between 08 and 12 was getting better organized within the GOP. Instead of sign waves, money bombs, blimps and a whole bunch of activities that flourished in 07 because no one was "tuned" into the GOP, 2012 was pretty much only about trying to get delegates. There was no Ron Paul blimp in 2012, massive sign waves, etc. or anything that resembled 07.

You are trying to make some kind of point between Money Bombs, the MSM, and GOP committees I am not seeing based on the words you are using.

Here is what I see. The antics of 07 not only got attention it was inspirational but the organized effort of 2012 brought rule changes to exclude Ron Paul supporters which resulted in nothing.

Let's analyze what happened in 2012. In a small number of areas Ron Paul had the numbers to be effective in the GOP. In other areas the numbers just weren't there. People knew it and some completely lost interest in showing up for GOP stuff knowing the numbers aren't there.

Let's just follow this through. If in order to prevail in the GOP it takes numbers to take over all these committees. It seems to me one ought to do some of those antics that inspire to get the numbers in precincts the numbers aren't there to be effective in the GOP and when local numbers support a precinct victory to shift gears to the GOP.

Now go ahead and tell me I am wrong because even if you don't have the numbers and they change the rules on you because they don't care what you think that you can still have an impact and influence the party platform which doesn't mean anything anyway because politicians observe party platforms with as much reverence as the Constitution.

What you see

07 brought us good attention, and I see that 07 brought us bad attention, because those of us who heard the call and went to become delegates, "paid" for that attention by having a very hard time getting on committees and becoming delegates (which is what Ron wanted).

The folks who are not in the GOP ,make a bog deal about the rule change.. but I thonk those of us who go to meetings and conventions KNOW, we didn't have enough delegates.. seemed more folks wanted to be "part of a angry mass".. go to see "Rock Star Ron Paul", rather than get in and change the GOP.

My committee had two people (4 in the wings), none were Ron Paul supporters. Now there are seven Ron Paul supporters owning and operating the committee. To me, we won. Not one person was a Republican until Ron Paul. This is what is so cool, and I think Ron Paul for asking me to become a delegate.