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(Guest) Mike Galganski / Rand Paul's WAR Rattle Pander / ...

Air Date: Thursday 10/17/2013 @7pm EST

Tonight on the Allison Bricker Show we will be joined by fellow DailyPaul member, Adj. Prof. Mike Galganski who has thrown his hat in to the ring to run for Philadelphia's 8th City-Council District. In addition, we will delve into Senator Rand Paul's turn to the dark-side?? with his latest foreign policy pronouncement, your calls and the news of the day.

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Peace, Love, or rEVOLution

- Allie

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The Best of Scott Horton runs throughout the day. If you have never heard Mr. Horton, please make a point to do so, as his insightful questioning and ability to slice through rhetoric and offer a concise thoughtful explanation, puts him in an elite category of new-media broadcasters.

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Someone call into her show

Someone call into her show and ask her what a false dichotomy is. Dumb bitch likes to use big words she doesn't know the meaning to all awhile degrading other people. She was bitching at me to conform to her emotional responses while saying I remind her of a neo-liberal(Which often want people to conform to their standards when compared to say anarchist). Call me sexist but its people like her that reinforce my sexist view that women just should not be in politics because they aren't capable of thinking clearly on demand. Not to mention her show consist of her crying and making emotional rants for hours on end.

Be positive, make a difference, get involved!

Be positive, make a difference, get involved!