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My dad cured his cancer!

I just wanted to share the news with others at DP.

On Jan 6 2012 my dad was informed that he had colon cancer. He is a super health nut, that jogs daily and plays tennis regularly. He is 86 but is basically like Jack La Lane and looks and seems in his 60s. He runs his own business and is super fit. So it was very upsetting to learn of the cancer and to discover that colon cancer is very deadly and fast spreading. The HMO scheduled a colon resection for a couple weeks out and our family was making plans to be with him.

I discussed with my dad the lack of any information, data, or statistics on people who opt out of resections, chemo, and radiation. How could the doctors and other specialists recommend their treatments when they could not adequately compare them to the results of doing nothing or doing an alternative intervention? I also discussed with my dad my inability to find any research that proved that traditional therapies work. I could only find that there was about a 5% recovery which did not appear to meet the criteria of success for other interventions or drug testing.

I noticed a post on DP about cancer and contacted a member here who sent me some additional information which I sent to my dad. I did a lot of research on alternative cures and sent all that info to my dad. I urged my dad not to get the resection and I guess he was already leaning against it. He decided to do his best to cure himself with alternative methods. I told him about DCA so he bought that and was using it until he read something negative about it in reference to colon cancer. He also initially was using apricot kernels but I don't think he continued with that. He had his own protocol with Budwig, pah pah, and a lot of other things which I'll ask him about next time we talk.

Anyhow, he recently was able to get another colonoscopy even though they initially would not allow one due to his age. His cononoscopy revealed no polyps and the area which was originally biopsied for cancer no longer had it and was healthy tissue.

Needless to say, his doctors who urged him to have a whole section of colon removed were not the least bit interested in why or how he miraculously recovered.

So, if you or anyone else you know have cancer, don't despair! It may be that with a different approach and healthful living that your body can cure itself!!

I think it is very possible that our bodies are constantly having mutated cells and cancers and if you are healthy with a strong immune system then you fight off microbes and repair damage. Maybe our bodies are constantly recovering from cancer and we just don't know it.

I hope other people will celebrate here with me and hopefully post their success stories as well.

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Most disgusting is their lack of curiosity

"Needless to say, his doctors who urged him to have a whole section of colon removed were not the least bit interested in why or how he miraculously recovered."

More proof that doctors don't want to CURE you; they want to TREAT your condition endlessly. There's just more money in treatment than cures.

And to not have the least bit of intellectual or scientific curiosity about *why* his condition improved... just shameful.

Blood Type Diet

The digestive system is the place in which the outside world (food) meets the immune system. It is the place where food transfers to the blood.

It should come as no surprise that one's blood type is a factor in determining which foods and organisms get through and which are treated as invaders.

Just as in politics, one man's meat is another man's poison. Blood Type A does not digest meat well (especially red meat). Blood Type O does not digest grain well. Pay attention to digestion, as the wrong foods not only encourage the wrong microbes in the gut, but also can increase waste products in the blood.

The Blood Type Diet, while detailed, and difficult for cooks who have multiple types to prep food for, is worth considering if you want to avoid disease.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Can you be more specific?

What is DAC?

What is Budwig?

What is pah pah?

And what specifically was the alternative treatment(s) that your father actually used, and that he came to rely on, and was the most effective for him?

This would be valuable information to know....

Here are some

sections which should cover some of your questions.

Regarding the Budwig Diet, you have the Budwig Diet and then you have a couple other protocols that incorporate aspects of the Budwig diet, namely, the "Flaxseed Oil & Cottage Cheese" recipe.

Budwig Diet

Cellect-Budwig Protocol
Bill Henderson Protocol

Paw Paw

Rockefeller Medicine

Congratulations for opting out of the most lucrative of the depopulation schemes; "modern medicine." If your father has indeed prevailed then you can add your documentation to that of many others who are using tried and true remedies. If you happen to take an interest in how medicine got so screwed up in America then please watch: Rockefeller Medicine.
watch on youtube !


Wow, that last paragraph is pretty mind blowing.

What if cancer happens all the time, but we normally just fight it off. But with hospitals better able to detect cancer, they treat it with procedures that kill the paitent. What if that was the reason for the cancer epidemic? That would be terrible.

Congratulations on your good news!

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what if everyday foods were making you acidic ph

... and only then cancer thrives

Q. What if iodine deficiency sets you up for absorption of bromides fluorides and chloramines ?

Q. What if all food is mineral deficient and loaded with glyphosates plus "geoengineering" ( de-population spray ) aluminum barium and strontium nano-particulates ?

Q. What if the FedGov has declared war on The People?


I'd like to know the names of his doctors. Screw ups should be publicly discussed.

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Great news!

I was diagnosed with esophageal back in '06.
Been fine for 8 years now.
Thank God.

My Grandma died three weeks after her

colon resection and she didn't even have cancer -just bleeding polyps..

Happy for ya!!

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My mom had two forms of Cancer!

My mom did not want anything cut off, radiated, or Chemo therapy. She had a complete disappearance of her cancers. She visited Dr. Stan Burzynski in Dallas TX. She went through his treatments and successfully recovered.

Because of what I've seen on

Because of what I've seen on this site and stories like this one, whenever I get asked for a cure cancer donation I turn them down and tell the them why. I let them know that there are natural and inexpensive cures to cancer and that they should look into them. Saves me money and possibly a cancer patient.
Edit; Oh, and congratulation on the added lease on live for your father!

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My Discussion with a Doctor

I spoke with a Orthopedic Hand Surgery Specialists M.D. the other day. He told me he is appalled that the hospital charges the patients (and their insurance companies) 13-19x the amount he is personally is paid for the procedures he performs. In other words He is personally paid 5-7% the amount the hospital charges the patient.

He told me he'd love to have his own clinic where he could only charge to the patient what he gets paid so they could just pay their bill. At that rate cataclysmic insurance would be REALLY affordable. What is stopping him from opening his own clinic is his extremely high student loans.

I asked him how many classes on nutrition he had to take in all his schooling as a doctor . He stated, "none, maybe a hour long seminar once." I asked why he thought that was? One reason, he felt, was due to the fact that there is not any money in nutrition.

I remarked that, "well then, if you as a doctor, recommend to me to eat well or take this supplement or herb, that in truth, you have no more and maybe even less knowledge about nutrition and natural healing then me, and that people would only listen to your advice because of your title as an 'M.D.'?" He had to agree.

It was a very interesting conversation to say the least. I told him if I run into some money I might have to help fund his clinic.

Seems I had a very similar conversation

with a doctor about three years ago after deciding that after 15 years maybe a checkup would be a good idea.
After the routine blood test he said my cholesterol levels were high, so I said I'll take some Niacin regularly, but he insisted I see a specialist for medicine. But I've had high cholesterol all my life, I said, and do not take drugs so what's the point of seeing him?
I asked his advice to patients who have high blood pressure, and true to form he says "I tell them to lay off the salt." "But didn't Hypocrates say salt is medicine and medicine is salt" I queried. "Why not tell them to use more salt but lay off the REFINED salt?" He was quiet.
I realized once again doctors are more dumbed down than elementary and high school kids, genuine patsies is what they are, and just like cops are extremely propagandized and programmed like trained dogs.

Your doctor, even if he opened up his own clinic, could not charge ridiculously low prices in comparison to hospitals because that would be usurping the status quo, or rather the hierarchy, and he would end up like the Hoxley Clinic or the hundreds of clinics in America that practiced intravenous hydrogen peroxide therapy, and blood filtering procedures, radio frequency therapies and a host of other alternatives that work.
Dare to be an independent thinker in this society, get the ire of those in power, he'd better be ready to fight for his career. No sir, a doctor who practices "normal" medicine today must follow guidelines or else will come to understand how that Dr. Burzinski felt being hounded by govt for decades.

The fact is, cancers are

The fact is, cancers are STILL so poorly understood by doctors (I went to a seminar and they admitted they have no clue if they can tell if someone will eventually develop cancer or not) and the "apparent" causes are so numerous, it really seems as if no one is really studying anything helpful. However, I can guarantee if you gave Congress members and their families cancer, a variety of cures would be found in no time.

Congrats on your dad's

Congrats on your dad's success! I recently ordered a couple of pawpaw trees because of their possible treatment abilities. (have to get two because aren't self-pollinating).

During the Spanish Flu epidemic, family (incl. one that helped care for the sick in village) and local doctor used epsom salt as preventative. It's alkaline in nature and raises your ph. Treatment amount was as much as you can without getting diarrhea and to take it right before bed. Grandmother said was about 1/2 a tsp in glass of water.

According to family, the only one that took epsom and got sick was the one that was going out helping tend to the sick and dying; she sometimes skipped her dose, and only got mildly ill.

This is similar to cancer cure I was reading about the other day except the fellow used baking soda to raise ph and added molasses to signal to cancer cells to eat (cancer cells open up for food when sugar on the way cause they gobble up sugars).

I have seen and heard

so many accounts of people healing from everything imaginable using natural processes, that it is beyond a doubt in my mind that it is possible. I live by this awareness and believe that those who really want health, and are prepared to take responsibility for it will find the answers.

Freedom is a byproduct of acceptance - judge not.

Wonderful ! Thanks for sharing.

Yes, I agree with you regarding everyone has potentially cancerous cells, and normally they do not take over. Then something is upset in your body chemistry, due to diet or environmental burdens, and the cancer is allowed to grow.

Looking forward to the update with the protocol he used.



.Thanking God.

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Referenced Congrats to you


Congrats to you and your family.

Great news :)

Thanks for sharing that encouragement. Wish my uncle who passed away from colon cancer a few years back could have tried some of these alternatives.

That's frustrating that the doctors show no interest in understanding what happened to turn things around. Stuck in their ways...

An informational empowerment, how beautiful.

Thank you for sharing, peace, love, & liberty!

kind people rock

Incredible, awesome, amazing,

Incredible, awesome, amazing, and THANKS FOR SHARING!!!

I love posts like this!


what a breath of fresh air.... finally fabulous news @ the daily Paul
So happy for both of you and thx for letting us know about it.

Awsome 'possum

That's great news. Would love to here more about what you're grandfather did when you find out.

Hey Victoria, that's fantastic news!

I can think of few things as satisfying as helping a loved one with their health. I'm looking forward to hearing more about the things he used. DCA sounds interesting. I think I might of heard the name before but I don't know anything about it.