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My dad cured his cancer!

I just wanted to share the news with others at DP.

On Jan 6 2012 my dad was informed that he had colon cancer. He is a super health nut, that jogs daily and plays tennis regularly. He is 86 but is basically like Jack La Lane and looks and seems in his 60s. He runs his own business and is super fit. So it was very upsetting to learn of the cancer and to discover that colon cancer is very deadly and fast spreading. The HMO scheduled a colon resection for a couple weeks out and our family was making plans to be with him.

I discussed with my dad the lack of any information, data, or statistics on people who opt out of resections, chemo, and radiation. How could the doctors and other specialists recommend their treatments when they could not adequately compare them to the results of doing nothing or doing an alternative intervention? I also discussed with my dad my inability to find any research that proved that traditional therapies work. I could only find that there was about a 5% recovery which did not appear to meet the criteria of success for other interventions or drug testing.

I noticed a post on DP about cancer and contacted a member here who sent me some additional information which I sent to my dad. I did a lot of research on alternative cures and sent all that info to my dad. I urged my dad not to get the resection and I guess he was already leaning against it. He decided to do his best to cure himself with alternative methods. I told him about DCA so he bought that and was using it until he read something negative about it in reference to colon cancer. He also initially was using apricot kernels but I don't think he continued with that. He had his own protocol with Budwig, pah pah, and a lot of other things which I'll ask him about next time we talk.

Anyhow, he recently was able to get another colonoscopy even though they initially would not allow one due to his age. His cononoscopy revealed no polyps and the area which was originally biopsied for cancer no longer had it and was healthy tissue.

Needless to say, his doctors who urged him to have a whole section of colon removed were not the least bit interested in why or how he miraculously recovered.

So, if you or anyone else you know have cancer, don't despair! It may be that with a different approach and healthful living that your body can cure itself!!

I think it is very possible that our bodies are constantly having mutated cells and cancers and if you are healthy with a strong immune system then you fight off microbes and repair damage. Maybe our bodies are constantly recovering from cancer and we just don't know it.

I hope other people will celebrate here with me and hopefully post their success stories as well.

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very happy to hear

Im reqlly glad that your dad is doing well. However you just encouraged probably 10 people to kill themselves.

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And that upsets you why?

Your post screams of apathy.


IM upset that he's encouraging people to kill themselves and to you that is apathy?

Uh, because they might be

Uh, because they might be dissuaded from getting chemo, radiation, or resection?


His whole point is moot. he claims there's no studies to say what would happen if you do nothing but claimed victory when he doesn't know what would have happened had he done nothing. (and nothing is essential what was done here.)

Potty Squatty

Have him get one of these as well:


I got one a while back and it has really made a difference in my life. Everything just works... better with it. Now if I have to go on a normal toilet it sucks and is not the same. Normal toilets are actually very poorly designed for the human anatomy and causes hemmoroids, constipation and other issues.

By far the best 30 bucks I have ever spent.

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I have something very similiar

to this that I found through a list of resources that the Gerson Institute had in their materials. It helped, though I think the ideal thing is to be fully supported by your own body with your backside resting on your calves and the front of the body partially resting on the thighs (upper arms draped over knees) with the thighs pressing against the side of the abdomen. I think in this position the spine is more relaxed and the vertebrae are spread out a bit. There is a strong relationship between constipation and spinal alignment problems as well. I know of two people who had chronic constipation who had back adjustments by the a good chiropractor and had to stay near the privy for the next day or two. lol

I just watched this with way too much interest.

But why can't you just lean forward a bit?

I totally believe in this. I

I totally believe in this. I lived in Thailand for 3 years and they have the squat toilets. Everything is aligned. My young son has a constipation problem and squating is the only way he has a bowel movement.

and if you're at all handy

with a jig saw, screwdriver and a measuring tape you can whip one up for a couple bucks. Maybe sand it nice and paint it and you're good to go... literally and figuratively ;)

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Many, many alternative cancer cures

I have bladder cancer for the last 3 years. Been thru 3 surgerie's. Have a very aggressive form of cancer stage 3. Refused chemo and radiation. ( Both are harmfull to the body ). I refuse to have my bladder removed. Changed my eating habits totally and am doing the Dr. Budwig protocol. The trick here is to build the immune system to fight off the cancer. Only if more people with cancer would do some research, there are so many alternative methods. Main stream medicine is NOT going to cure anyone. The survival rate after 5 yrs. is 5% ! Cancer doe not kill, the chemo,radiation and surgery does. By the way, I'm 69 yrs. old

You inspire me to give my Super Smoothie Concoction

remedy for any and all ills and diseases: take two pairs of goldfish legs, no no, wrong remedy.
You blend the following: 2 bananas, handful parsley, 10 red grapes, pinches of almond slivers, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, 2 scoops of Spirulina powder, 1 scoop of Chlorella powder, 2 scoops Cacao powder, 1/2 scoop Moringa powder, 1/2 scoop Wheatgrass powder, 4 heaping tspns Xylitol sugar sub, 2 heaping tspns coconut oil, 5 second squeeze Hempseed oil, 26 oz ice cold filtered water. Voila! Delicious, should get about 40 oz of liquid. Warning - Beginners stay close to home.
This should replace one full meal each day. Totally alkaline; energy surge within seconds; you lose excess weight within days.
If I was diagnosed with cancer, I would take this for one full week, then begin incorporating steamed veggie meals again increasing alkalinity in diet, which is key to killing cancer that thrives in acidic bodies.
Most immediate profound effects: finer vibration level; feeling of inner peace; improved skin tone; weight loss.
This Smoothie remedy cured me of extreme sciatic condition where I could hardly walk. I believe all the oxygen it gives the body rejuvenates and heals the vertebrae as well as everything else.
God, how we've been duped all these years.


thumbs up.

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Great story...glad you are

Great story...glad you are doing well.

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Thanks for sharing your story.

You are correct about chemo and radiation. I watched my mother go through both after a double mastectomy... It was pure torture and made what life she had left horrible. She was only 48 when she passed... her birthday would have been this week.

I'm so sorry to hear that :(

I'm so sorry to hear that :( My mother lost her mother to ovarian cancer when my mom was 18, makes me cry to think about it. I wish I could have met my grandma, my mom talks about her with such respect and love

I am grateful...

I am grateful for all she taught me and every second I was able to spend with her :)

I am a lucky man :)

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How inspiring!

Cancer The Raw Truth

This video changed my life. If you want to know the true cause of dis-ease and illness, check it out. Dr Robert Morse N.D is a pretty freaking awesome soul.


Loved it!

I recommend everyone watch it - he breaks human biology down to a very elemental level. Thank you for sharing this!

very awesome and inspiring

BTW, Budwig was the first, I believe, to realize the importance of Omega-3 fatty acids.

And yes, you are right that your body is constantly fighting off cancers. That's why our cells have telomeres, to prevent them from dividing uncontrollably.

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Wow, wow, wow

Thank you so much for sharing this.

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another bump

Shared on Twitter with my 4K followers.

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+ 1

Thank you for sharing this uplifting story.

This beer is to you & your dad!
(I think I conquered cancer with organic German Holsten fluoride/chemicals free beer ~ I am wating for my liver to disagree.)


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sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Thanks, I am toasting you

Thanks, I am toasting you back! Its probably not the beer that hurts the liver, its probably the hepatotoxic Tylenol taken the next morning for the hangover ;).


Truth be told I never suffer hangovers :)
I think otherwise I would switch from beer to organic raw milk.

Our bodies are different.
Whatever works for one can be having none or little effect in another body.

Thanks once again for sharing your heart warming story.
I think you did your 'once a day good deed' and +...

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15


I have 1 disfigure brother, a dead brother age 21, dead Aunt 60's, dead Uncle 60's, Dead Mother-in-law 77, dead best friends wife 30's and counting who all went the conventional route in treating Cancer..Now they are dead.. My mother was given spirulina and survived (she was given 2 months to live).. My other friends wife stopped taking chemo and cured herself of the left over breast cancer...it is awesome to know people who can wake up to this modern day plague of the disease and the practically free cures that are suppressed by the cancer mafia out there..

Yes, they don't want to tally

Yes, they don't want to tally the statistics on either side, but it is quite clear the results when you do your own inventory. My ex-MIL lives in a senior center. I once asked her how many residents got chemo and radiation and she said countless. I then asked did any of them recover and she could not think of a single one.