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My dad cured his cancer!

I just wanted to share the news with others at DP.

On Jan 6 2012 my dad was informed that he had colon cancer. He is a super health nut, that jogs daily and plays tennis regularly. He is 86 but is basically like Jack La Lane and looks and seems in his 60s. He runs his own business and is super fit. So it was very upsetting to learn of the cancer and to discover that colon cancer is very deadly and fast spreading. The HMO scheduled a colon resection for a couple weeks out and our family was making plans to be with him.

I discussed with my dad the lack of any information, data, or statistics on people who opt out of resections, chemo, and radiation. How could the doctors and other specialists recommend their treatments when they could not adequately compare them to the results of doing nothing or doing an alternative intervention? I also discussed with my dad my inability to find any research that proved that traditional therapies work. I could only find that there was about a 5% recovery which did not appear to meet the criteria of success for other interventions or drug testing.

I noticed a post on DP about cancer and contacted a member here who sent me some additional information which I sent to my dad. I did a lot of research on alternative cures and sent all that info to my dad. I urged my dad not to get the resection and I guess he was already leaning against it. He decided to do his best to cure himself with alternative methods. I told him about DCA so he bought that and was using it until he read something negative about it in reference to colon cancer. He also initially was using apricot kernels but I don't think he continued with that. He had his own protocol with Budwig, pah pah, and a lot of other things which I'll ask him about next time we talk.

Anyhow, he recently was able to get another colonoscopy even though they initially would not allow one due to his age. His cononoscopy revealed no polyps and the area which was originally biopsied for cancer no longer had it and was healthy tissue.

Needless to say, his doctors who urged him to have a whole section of colon removed were not the least bit interested in why or how he miraculously recovered.

So, if you or anyone else you know have cancer, don't despair! It may be that with a different approach and healthful living that your body can cure itself!!

I think it is very possible that our bodies are constantly having mutated cells and cancers and if you are healthy with a strong immune system then you fight off microbes and repair damage. Maybe our bodies are constantly recovering from cancer and we just don't know it.

I hope other people will celebrate here with me and hopefully post their success stories as well.

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Good News

That is great to hear my grandmother died of cancer in 2005. Seeing her be drained of life really left an imprint in my mind and soul. I was about 17 or 18 and had no clue about health, good nutrition, and fitness. I recommend people also look into juicing cannabis and eating cannabis oil.

cansema cures skin cancer

A friend of mine cured his cancer with cansema- blood root

great news! Thanks for sharing

I had a very dear friend die of colon cancer at age 31. He was severely mutilated (colostomy- his anus was sewn shut and he was defecating into a bag from his stomach), poisoned (chemo) and burned (radiation), and all manners of torturous tubes, needles, etc...stuck into him like a lab rat. He didn't last a year. He was a fabulous person and greatly missed.

So sorry to hear about this.

So sorry to hear about this. That is exactly what I was envisioning and dreading for my dad. My dad is such an independent and high spirited person (He is a Libertarian and very outspoken about it.) My mind immediately thought of a colostomy bag attached to him and I knew that alone would break him. I just knew that he is the type of guy that would rather die with dignity (not saying those with colostomys don't have dignity but my dad would not deal well with that.)

My dad said if his cancer progressed and spread to his other organs he might decide then to look into the traditional interventions but that he thought he probably wouldn't because he would rather have a high quality of life in his last months than not.

Good to hear

I've met several people who cured themselves. I just heard about this today www.cancertutor.com. I live close to Mexico, big business there in alternative medicine, lots of old folks that can't afford western medicine go down there

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

this is inspiring--

I have yet to meet anyone who tried alternatives for cancer--

Everyone I know becomes terrified and runs to the 'doctor'--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--


I know someone who got rid of their skin cancer by applying eggplant (which was soaked in apple cider vinegar for a few days prior) to it. It didn't come back since. They had used chemo cream before but it always came back with that.

And I know someone else who was told that he would die shortly if he didn't get chemo, but he changed his diet/lifestyle instead and is fine over 10 years later.

I have a really strange

I have a really strange success story involving my dog. ha ha. My father died of pancreatic cancer and I did as much research as I could on alternative/natural treatments. I figured if it ever happened to me, I'd rather try on my own than suffer like my dad did. He ended up trying alternative treatments (1991) in it's late stage so it didn't help him live but he wanted to at least help research somehow. So I put together lists of preventative foods, etc for future reference. I discovered my dog about 50 lb., part lab, mutt mix had a growth on the side of his ribs. I didn't know what it was but it was growing rapidly. He was about 5/6 years old when it showed up. My first thoughts were either an abscess or a tumor. As fast as it was growing, I thought it couldn't possibly be a cancer but I guess they can grow that fast. It got as big as a half a baseball just about. I was out of a job at the time and really could only afford his required shots every year so I decided to try some of the alternative cancer treatments on him for giggles. I was curious to see what would happen. I started giving him in his canned food (all of these were just spices from the grocery store, dehydrated, just a shake or two) cayenne pepper (or habanero sauce if I didn't have the cayenne), turmeric, ginger, and garlic. I know a lot of garlic isn't good for dogs so I only put a shake in. I gave this to him in his twice-a-day meal for about a month. I really didn't expect it to do anything. After about 2 weeks, his growth started looking like it was "melting". So I stayed with it. When it got to the size of less than a golf ball (and had flattened out like it was melted almost), I didn't think it was cancer. I thought it had to be an abscess of some kind and all these anti-inflammatories I had been giving him were making it go away. So I stopped giving him the spices thinking it would heal on it's own. So I left it alone. It didn't look like it was growing and he seemed healthy. I took him back nearly a year later for his regular shots and I had them look at the growth (and it was still smaller). They suggested having it biopsied. Results were that it was an aggressive cancer and would take his life someday. I still have him. He's about 9 years old, almost 10. They did remove what was left of it but he never had any other problems. I noticed this year that some very small growths have come up on him but not like the first one. He's very active and doesn't seem to be in pain at all. I know dogs this size don't usually live much longer than 10 years so I didn't worry with the growths this time. But I wonder if what I gave him put the cancer in remission. I know that turmeric is a very potent anti-cancer, habanero I've heard kills cancer cells in a petri dish, ginger is anti-inflammatory, cayenne is also anti-inflammatory I think. And garlic is good for fighting off infections right? I'd do it again if my dogs had that problem. Have no idea if any of that would work in humans but wouldn't hurt to try. I regularly eat those foods now knowing what they did to my dog.

Phxarcher87's picture


thinking outside of the 3x5 card of approved opinion is pretty awesome.

One of the biggest pitfalls in a "movment" is the temptation to get cultish about it and refuse to realize that it is only part of the picture. -Joel Salatin ; You Can Farm pg 202

I'll have to try that

I'll have to try that concoction on my dog. He has fatty tumors that are common to older Boxers. I was able to get rid of all of them by putting castor oil on them - they all disappeared except one persistent one and I forgot about applying the oil after a time, but should resume not that I remember. He also was getting cloudy cataracts (he's 12 which is old for a Boxer) and that also has diminished almost entirely with castor oil applied in his eyes.

Wow! Castor oil helps

Wow! Castor oil helps cataracts?? One of my dogs is 10 years old and starting to get them. Did it really help? How often did you do it?

I read about the castor oil

I read about the castor oil remedy on earthclinic.com. I was putting it in his eyes once a day for about four months and it very dramatically decreased the problem. You can still sorta see them in both eyes but more like from an angle. Before one was getting super cloudy and the other was partially cloudy. Barely noticeable now. I sortof got lazy and forgot about it after a while but I really should get back to it. I also have him on a raw meat diet so that might be helping as well. I hate to say it, but he had really nasty flatulence - so bad that we couldn't let him in the house anymore. He would be outside and look so lonely and sad - I had to do something so he could join the family again and found out the raw meat diet would stop the stink. It made perfect sense since I try to avoid grains/gluten too and feel a lot better without it. Sure enough he is about 95% cured of his flatulence and except for his face going gray he is in great shape and going strong. I'm hoping to keep him going because he is such a great dog.

Totally agree. Dry dog food must be crap.

I remember being shocked when my friend's dogs would die before 10. My family has had a lot of dogs for the last few generations. We've been feeding them mostly butcher scraps and the occasional carcass for the last 100+ years now. Most of our dogs push that 14/15 year boundary. A few make it past that. I think they definitely need that meat and they need feathers and grass too. I also think they need to be able to bury that meat and dig it up later. Not sure why, but the ones that do are about as healthy as any others. We've never had any hip displasia and the dogs always have good teeth and hardy poops. Some flees and worms and wound infections from time to time, but never anything to the point that a bath in the ocean or a worm pill didn't fix. Maybe not the diet for all breeds, but definitely for hounds and labs.


Please let us know what methods he used. I think that it would be good for us to use them even though we don't have cancer.


Awesome post! Thank you! Very inspiring. I have read articles about how most people will have a time when cancers are growing in their body and they heal naturally, but as you said a compromised immune system will probably not recover.

Very cool!

Cancer cure

^excellent, thanks!

Thanks for the video

I've never heard of this therapy before. I'm definitely going to look into this more and do some research. Great video too. Ignaz Semmelweis was quite a fitting parallel used at the end there. Very interesting. Thanks.

Love that guy Burzynski. Sent

Love that guy Burzynski. Sent my Dad all the articles, links, and documentaries about him, his clinic, and his utterly despicable struggle with the government. My dad contacted him and tried to get treatment at his clinic but they can't take anyone except end stage brain cancer patients due to Government meddling.

dichloroacetic acid?

dichloroacetic acid?

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I can't decide. Which do you think?

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I am so happy for you and your dad

I had a similar story in the last year, but unfortunately it did not end happily. That has not, however, diminished my faith in the natural methods over the chemical ones. I think the chances for survival are so much greater if you stick to what God has given us and away from the medical establishment.

Wishing you and your dad many years of happiness. One good thing that comes out of something like this is the realization that you must make every day count...... and you must let go of old arguments and hurts and never fail to tell loved ones what they mean to you.

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!


is more than awesome! I'm a big believer in natural cures.