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It’s Not Marx: Bernie’s Bakunin T-Shirt in ‘Silver Circle’

Today’s episode takes a closer look at the figure on the T-shirt that Bernie, one of the rebels from the film, is wearing, which features a picture of a famous 19th century Russian revolutionary and early proponent of anarchism. Some may confuse the image for that of Karl Marx, but, in reality, the man depicted was one of Karl Marx’ contemporary intellectual adversaries.

Mikhail Bakunin believed in a brand of libertarian socialism that now fits into the “collectivist anarchism” categorization. Though some libertarians may find his embrace of socialism to be contradictory with his anarchism, he distinctly differed from Karl Marx in his views, in that he considered authoritarian, government-run solutions to be an unacceptable route through which to pursue socialistic ends. He also influenced Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeter’s “creative destruction” concept


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