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Stewart Rhodes & Renn Bodeker (WWII Vet) interviewed by Luke Rudkowski @ the WWII Memorial - NO Politicians! Just Vets, Damn It!

What's next after the shutdown

Published on Oct 17, 2013

What's next after the shutdown

Oath Keepers Remove Barricades from WWII Memorial on Last Day of “Shutdown”

October 17th, 2013

WWII Airborne Hero Renn Bodeker Leads the Way in dismantling the “Barrycades,” Assisted by Navy SEAL Veteran Ben Smith and Shannon Rusch, and Oath Keepers Founder, Stewart Rhodes

In keeping with our solemn obligation to preserve the liberty that our World War II heroes fought for, Oath Keepers posted an Honor Guard at the WWII Memorial, beginning on Wednesday morning, October 16, led by 91 year old WWII Army Airborne combat veteran Renn Bodeker, to ensure that the Memorial remained open and accessible to the WWII veterans on Honor Flights, and open to the public, for the duration of the absurd “shutdown” of the Memorial (which made no sense at an open-air memorial made of concrete and stone).

Our concern was that in between large demonstrations, there was a risk that WWII veterans would be denied access. We made sure that didn’t happen.

WWII veteran Renn Bodeker flew in from Montana on Wednesday morning and promptly led the Oath Keeper Honor Guard in dismantling the silly ‘Barrycades’ and carrying them across the street, where they were left on the grass on the other side, in front of the Washington Memorial. People were already ignoring the barricades and walking around them to enter the Memorial, but Renn found the presence of barricades around the WWII Memorial so offensive and absurd that he couldn’t stand to see them up. So, they came down!

Who is Warren 'Renn' Bodeker?

WWII Vet Warren Bodeker Needs Your Help: Being Forced From Home and Forced to Exhume Wife's Body

Published on Jun 15, 2012

WWII Vet Warren (Renn) Bodeker Needs Your Help. Being Forced Out of Home and Forced to Exhume Wife's Body.

Warren C. Bodeker is an 89 year old World War II Army Airborne combat veteran and war hero, living in Montana, who is being thrown off of his own land and thrown out of his own house, by the Montana Federal Bankruptcy Trustee, Christy Brandon, with the approval of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Montana. And to make matters worse, Warren's wife Lorna just died of cancer this past year, and is buried there on their land, right next to the house. Warren had planned to live there till he died and then be buried right next to his wife, there on their property at 11 Freedom Lane, in the town of Plains, Montana, but now, not only is he being forced off his land, he is being forced to exhume his wife's body and take her with him (with his land being sold out from under him, the only way he can now be assured of being buried next to his wife as they had planned is to exhume her body and move it to a cemetery).

This is the most disgusting, callous, brutal, and unjust treatment of a WWII veteran by the "justice" system we have ever heard of. Here is a man who stepped up and went to war at the age of 19 to fight against the Japanese in the Pacific. When we say he is a war hero, we are not exaggerating. Serving in Co. B, 511th Parachute Infantry Regiment, (11th Airborne Division (see discharge papers below), Warren earned two bronze starts while making three combat jumps in the Philippine Islands in 1945.

One of those combat jumps was the daring rescue of prisoners of war at the Los Banos Internment Camp on the Island of Luzon, Philippines, February 23, 1945, where Warren and his brother paratroopers of Co. B, 511th Parachute Infantry Regiment parachuted in at dawn's early light, 40 kilometers behind enemy lines, and rescued over 2,000 prisoners of war -- men, women, and children -- from their brutal Imperial Japanese guards, before those guards could slaughter them (as they had planned). Not one prisoner was killed in the raid (though many of the Japanese guards were). Private Warren Bodeker was there. He was one of those brave young paratroopers who the grateful prisoners truly considered heaven sent from above.

** Another sign of Rand Paul's political astuteness: he stayed away, honoring the vets to have their day and their say the way THEY wanted, not the way Cruz or Palin coming in to make speeches, wanted:

Veterans Scold Sarah Palin: 'Republicans Shut Down the Gov't', 'You're an Idiot'

Occupy Democrats
Published on Oct 16, 2013
[** The YouTube upload is by a 'movement liberal' statist fascist, but it's the only good clip I could find; be that as it may, it demonstrates why Rand refrained from "me too"-show up. Smart cookie, that lad.]

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Excellent interview. Well worth watching. Sent it onward.

God Bless America. Hope is always with us, and listening to this interview gave me strength. We all feel weak and powerless at times and hearing such good people speak sense just revives low spirits. When I listen to something like this I feel like everything will turn out for the best.

My pessimistic personality is shocked having written that.

I am one of those people that thinks " No matter how bad things get, they are going to get a whole lot worse." But hearing these men state the same things I think and feel gives me great hope for a better tomorrow. That is why I back Ron Paul, because he gives me real hope for a better future also.

Thanks for posting this video.



Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul