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Rand Is Not Going Neocon! Stop The Nonsense!

I swear, it is so obvious that people, like the liberty brethren that posted the thread about the Foreign Policy magazine article, has already long made up their mind about Rand and simply look for evidence to validate their feelings and like humans in nature, try to convert others to agree....

Rand has NOT gone neocon. If you read his careful words, he is trying to do the RIGHT thing and broaden his appeal. The ONLY way he can win, as he is a smarter politician than his father and Dad admits it, is to appeal to audiences outside the loyal base.

First he uses the famous Republican phrase from demi God Reagan, "peace through strength" to apeal to a crowd who are lured and loyal to this Reagan phrase by correctly desiphering what it actually means. This phrase is my BIGGEST pet pieve when neo cons use it as a bumper sticker to emptly defend their cause. But how can peace through strength mean war everywhere, wwhen they forget the word PEACE in the phrase? Rand is correctly uses it. He is trying to show that we Constitutionalist GOP Libertarians are not pacifist hippie vegan p****s. That we do believe in a strong defense, but that its used only when declared or when attacked. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT?

The part that I admit irks me as well is his Israel butt kissing. I CANT STAND IT, but I do get it. Bill Graham, the nation's most powerful protestant leader spoke his mind about Jews in America to Nixon and both Nixon and Billy Graham had to (real quote) "get on their knees to the Rabbis and beg forgiveness". The bottom line is that Zionist leaning elite ARE THE RULING CLASS in every sector. But that shows further evidence that Rand is actually meaning what hes saying and not just saying empty words about peace when talking about war (like neo cons McCain, Graham, Rubio, etc) because even with the butt kissing, Rand is still hated by the Jewish elite in this country! THis is because the Jewish elite in this country sees through Paul and knows Rand isnt actually their puppet (Rand believe it or not, has a similar record to Ron in that Rand doesnt give into lobbyists), but Rand's words in articles like this give Rand reasonable doubt cover if the Jewish Elite try to truly whipe him out politically, because they cant point to specific times where they can say "see, Rand is a anti semite, he said no blood for Israel!"

Also people in our movement hate Rand because they think hes a sellout (ironically their only evidence is one single Iran sanction vote and quotes from interviews that are unambiguous, but never any solid evidence or substantive patterns in voting records) are also people who tend to (rightly IMO) believe that the Syrian war and the US siding with Al Qaeda proves that Neocons dont actually care about terrorism or Al Qaeda, but use it as a boogy man for the American people. Evidence that this is true about neocons and that Neocons true loyalty is for Israel, is that AIPAC continually lobbys for war mongering when it on the surface looks like it goes against Israels intuitive interests (ie giving tanks to Egypt under Morsi, or supporting to destabalize the most secular government in the middle east and let Al Qaeda take over), yet if Rand was a real sell out, he would vote with AIPAC all the time like McCain and Graham and the newbie Tom Cotton and Rubio does... But Rand doesnt because he is giving himself plausible deniability for the behind the curtains power elite and also showing how our philosophy does not necessarily conflict with true conservatism (not neo conservatism which is diametrically opposed). Rand is a political genius and in the end should be thanked for single handedly making the Paul political philosophy to the mainstream. Liberty brothers and sisters, wake up! Libertarianism has been around since the 60s and has been nothing but a marginalized fringe movement. Ron paved the way and Rand is reaching the goal of achieving our dreams the best thats possible in America's hypnotized population.

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This is a great article from Bionic Mosquito written right after the Romney endorsement..rings true today:


"Rand Paul had a choice. He could build on the path his father started, and he would have been known for generations as one of the founders of the resurgence of the American ideal. Or he could choose the path of going along to get along. He chose the second.

Someone else may step up to carry this mantle. Rand Paul will be watching from the sidelines.

In the words of Marlon Brando, Rand could have been a contender, instead of a bum….

In the meantime, Rand has done a tremendous service in the cause of those who view playing politics is a hopeless cause. If his actions end up pulling the rug out from under the movement that Ron Paul germinated, it will deal a significant blow to the idea that change will come from politics, especially national politics. "

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

Whether or not he's a "Neocon"

and I don't think he is at all, but he is muddying his words and his message in order to *appease* neocons?

Is that how liberty is advanced? Sending a mixed message that American global militarism is somehow a libertarian position.

You may say Rand's not a libertarian...who cares? He is viewed as one by the public at large and when he takes decidedly anti-libertarian positions it is not only appropriate, but *necessary* for libertarians to point this out.

Talk all you want about Rand's "strategy"...if you think we will achieve liberty by deceiving people into supporting someone I've got some U.S. Treasuries to sell you.

Cheap plug: We discussed this in the latest Lions of Liberty Podcast, about halfway in after the Chris Rossini interview.


*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

If Rand wanted to take the revolution to warp speed

He could take an arrest by the People for Breach of Duty to his defined bound capacity of the US Constitution for failing to only accept lawful Constitutional tender of gold or silver coin for his capacity in the Senate.

He could take an arrest and plea guilty. This would drop a huge boulder in the pond that inform TPTB that their fraud will come to an end NOW!

Many will probably disagree with me here but I think utilizing more strategic positioning on all fronts , executive, legislative and JUDICIAL will be much more effective by targeting very specific case law precedent in a very coordinated manner. We can move from a purely defensive to a more offensive position to systematically close every door on all the criminal activities.

We can take our efforts to a hyper-dimensional array of activities that will put us in the driver's seat of precedent and lawful activities.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

Rand Paul approval

Rand Paul deserted his father when he ran for president. He dumped his father and supported Romney. I, personally, have no use for a person like that.



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Rand Paul is a Politician

Ron Paul is a Paulition. There is a difference and it is a huge difference in my opinion.

What you see, is what you get

Rand is not a libertarian, he has said so, and that is the simple truth of it. Like so many others who's views coincide with libertarian ideals, in the main, but have been cast aside.
The one difference with Rand, is the notion by those who seemingly believe his strategy is one of stealth, political appeasement, under the radar or however you wish to describe it.
The problem with that is political appeasers are deceivers and soon seen for what they are, so if that's the case, then it's the worst kept secret.. or perhaps a case of delusion?.

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
RP 2012~ Intellectual Revolution.

Maybe Rand is a better politiciand than his dad

That is what I am worried about.

Ron Paul

got me interested in politics for the first time ever, countless others too.

Rand Paul is reminding me of why my original distaste for politics was correct (for me).

i remain optimistic though and hope a real peace candidate arises from the ashes of this sad, corrupt, one party system who even the best of desires only "a little less aggressive foreign policy" or who are against spending unless its
for their causes, and are either pro-police state or wishy washy about the issue.


All war is deception. - Sun Tzu

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The thing with Rand

Look, you may be very well right about his "strategy", and perhaps he is just leaning stealth neocon to get into office or whatever, "appease the base", and usher in a great libertarian government. Fantastic. I hope it happens .

But, in the meantime, when he makes statements that are unequivocally opposed to libertarian principles - supporting the possibility of preemptive strikes and sanctions on Iran , a global military presence, protecting "allies" and "strategic interests"...whether or not he *means* it, it's important for libertarians interested in advancing a consistent philosophy to point it out and say "Rand is good on many things, but this is not in line with libertarianism"

What is so wrong with that?

Don't turn into a cult of Rand.Its' the last the movement needs, and will do nothing to advance liberty.

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

Excellent response

And I agree 1,000%.

Rand Paul is not

going Neocon Because he already IS Neocon.

AD in NV

You saved me the task of posting that coment

So I posted this one instead lol.

Please proof your post. The glaring errors detract from your

message. (mostly in the first paragraph)

Now, on the topic, all I'll say is this - NO ONE publishes in Foreign Affairs unless they are "one of them" - NO ONE.

They are not allowed to.

The mere existence of this article is all the proof I need as I know it is not possible for a non-neocon to publish there. It simply does not happen.

Usually, the publishing of an article in Foreign Affairs is treated as part of the "initiation" of the individual into the CFR (who publishes the journal) or one of its sister groups. (who are all on the same page, but have separate subjects they focus on)

This article thus means Rand has been turned.

His publishing here is his "coming out" and announcing to other members of the CFR and sister groups that he is now "one of them."

He WILL go farther now, and he likely will even be elected President if they deem it useful, but make no mistake - he will never be able to implement a single reform that any of us here on DP are looking for - not one.

That was foreign policy, not

That was foreign policy, not foreign affairs. Foreign Police is not CFR.

Ventura 2012


Great summation.

The way I see it, We have worked for so many years supporting this message. Its about damn time we see all of our efforts pay off.

Rand is not his father. He is darn close though. Judging from all his efforts so far, I proudly support him. He is very shrewd and very smart.

Our movement is very lucky to have him.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

"Any attack on Israel will be

"Any attack on Israel will be treated as an attack on the United States." — Rand Paul


This is a deal breaker for me. Unless he backs away from that position, I cannot support him.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan


Entangling alliances anyone?

All rights reserved and no rights waived.


Not only that, but I don't agree with conservatives on much either. The whole government rob and steal routine has fallen flat, imo.


".......we do believe in a strong defense, but that its used only when declared or when attacked. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT?"

Absolutely nothing wrong with that. Reagan's name is still highly revered among Republican crowds and I used it to great effect when I ran as a 2012 caucus delegate to RNC from the MA 6th district. Here's the video...... https://duckduckgo.com/?q=Ed+Rombach

Ed Rombach

When his wife, Heidi Nelson Cruz, served in George W. Bush’s

Treasury Department in 2003, Ted Cruz went to considerable lengths to disclose his positions to the government, and to divest himself of his Caribbean holdings. But there was one exception.


Ron Swanson

He VOTED FOR sanctions against IRAN

What more do i need to say!

Oh, should I add how he betrayed his own father, no matter how "forgiving" his dad seems on TV about Rand? Indeed...

Rand Who? ain't goin' neocon.

He is a Neo-con.

Don't be fooled.

The next president inherits a

The next president inherits a 6 to 7 trillion dollar Fed balance sheet and nearly a 20 trillion dollar national debt.

We have to crash the economy on Obama so Rand doesn't get the blame.

I'm agree about Rand...

But not all the "Zionist" crap. Forget all that.

Focus on End all foreign aid. Restore the Constitution. End the Fed.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

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Agreed, brother!

The bottom line is that Rand wants to end all foreign aid, even though smartly in speeches, he never uses the word Israel when talking about cutting aid. But when he was pressed about it, WHILE HE WAS IN ISRAEL during the trip/rite of political passage (sadly) he had to admit Israel was on the list of countries to cut aid to. This is the only point the zionist elite can point to to marginalize Rand as a anti semite racist. However, to the average voter, it isnt enough evidence for the majority to believe is an anti semite, so it frustrates the Israel lobby that for the first time dont have the full power to stop Paul other than sick all the true blue neo con pundits on Paul with hit pieces (by the likes of Rubin, Krauthhammer, Goldberg, Marc Thiessen, Norman Pedhoretz, Bill Kristol, David Frum, Brooks, etc etc) which worked to marginalize Ron Paul/Dad, but has not worked as much on Rand. Part of the reason for that is that with the grace of God, the neocon media elite are more and more irrelevant these days. Rand understands that foreign aid, regardless that its a drop in the deficit ocean, it can be easily comprehended by the public and Rand knows the symbolic/principled significance of ending foreign aid is a HUGE step forward. Ending the Fed is the most important thing than can possibly happen politically to reverse the current tyranny, Rand knows its not easy to relate to the average dumb American, except to the hard core liberty movement members such as ourselves. So Rand plays with the hand that hes dealt and knows which parts of our values will be best accepted by the mainstream and as weve all once felt, the more a person is converted, its a domino that starts to allow you to realize ALL of the aspects of Liberty philosophy are all interlinked and is "all one package" as Ron put it. Non intervention foregin policy, free market economics, truly limited and uncentralized government, constitutional republic are all one package.

Ron Paul 2012