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Be Afraid: New Homeland Security Chief Ok'd Drone Strikes on Americans

If the ubiquitous voice of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano in the metro (or Walmart, etc) demanding that you say something if you see something wasn't frightening enough, if TSA's cancer rays and gropings were not outrageous enough, if Homeland Security military vehicles on US soil were not disgusting enough, Obama has a real treat in store for you.

His pick to lead the currently headless DHS is called Jeh Johnson. He was, according to the Washington Post, the Pentagon's top lawyer. In that capacity he and a team of Pentagon experts concluded that the president did indeed have the right to use drones to kill American citizens without charge or trial. Thanks to Johnson's determination, at least three American citizens have been killed without trial by their government.


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Reccomended Viewing

I recommend that"Dirty Wars" be required viewing. It is a chilling account of a special paramilitary unit whose assignment it is to kill people off a "hit list"provided by the White house.It is not under the command of any service or even the CIA.There is no Congressional oversight of this unit.My favorite clip is when the investigative reporter who made it tells Mike Todd of MSNBC: "I am doing your job, this is what you should be doing.the mainstream media are collaborators"
Todd goes ballistic. Apparently he hit a raw nerve.The film is chilling as well as depressing.


Be Afraid?

Of what? Death? I have noticed that everyone dies.

So why be afraid?