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Trooper Claims SUV Attack Victim Alexian Lien's State Trooper, Uncle Ordered Clampdown On Bikers


A New York State Trooper admitted on video that Alexian Lien, the Range Rover driver in the infamous SUV vs biker attack, has an uncle who is a boss in the State Troopers and he has "sent the word down" to stop any and all bikers for the smallest offences.

The video shows two bikers getting stopped on the Palisades Parkway going north out of the city, about fifteen minutes from where Alexian Lien was beaten in front of his wife and two-year-old child. The state trooper uses his SUV as a temporary roadblock — stopping across traffic — to pull over two riders for allegedly speeding. The trooper asks the rider if his helmet cam is on and the rider lies, saying it's off.

The trooper ends up letting them go with a warning, and then explains that law enforcement in the New York area is on the lookout for bikers.

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I could kind of tell

that the officer really didn't give a shit. He knows they weren't doing anything malicious. Probably some speeding. No damaged property. No victim.

But when you tell a civilian that "his boss sent the word down," that is obvious bias and discrimination. No excuse, whatsoever, for that in any police department. Doesn't matter if there was a huge "biker incident" the week, month, or year before. That has nothing to do with those 2 bikers he pulled over.

He blocked the damn freeway for 2 bikes, for Christ's sake...talk about abuse of power.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

Two wrongs

don't make a right. Sad.

I'm gonna give you a fair

I'm gonna give you a fair warning, okay? It's off limits right now. Anything over five over the speed limit — you guys are going to get stopped, you guys are going to get written. After what happened in New York City, this is what they're doing.

Okay, the guy who was assaulted — his uncle is one of our bosses on our job. So he sent the word down, that all these bikes are getting stopped, and they're going to get written.