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Scahill Talks About Glenn Greenwald Website

Jeremy Scahill spoke out for the first time on Thursday about the much-hyped website he is launching with fellow journalists Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras.


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his movie looks great


They better include Luke Rodowski, James Corbett

and Ben Swan.....otherwise, I could never really view them as being fully objective.

So far their roster looks slanted to the "left". Hate using left right paradigm garbage. Can some one please correct me if I am mistaken. thx

another vote for luke and

another vote for luke and ben, im liking the collaberation idea, lone wolfs joining together on occasion for the greater good, and then going back to doing their thing if they so choose looking for the next accounting


Part 1 of 4 is up:


I wonder if they will only

I wonder if they will only involve left leaning reporters and coverage or if they would collaborate with Ben Swann and some of the others we follow.

i dont care who, as long as

i dont care who, as long as they BELIEVE in the spirit that made them come together in the first place, truth in investigative journalism, and a supernatural garlic reaction to NARRATIVE
If they show these "symptoms" :), then i am at the very least, willing to listen, to what they say, and more importantly, to who they are, are we coming from the same place kinda deal

Its not about seing something NEW, its about being sick of the same old thing, which i guess, IS something new, in hindsight........duh :)

I applaud them, but do you think they will cover 9/11

like James Corbett or Luke Rudowski have done? If I am not mistaken, they still believe the narrative that it was a terrorist attack from foreigners instead of an inside job.

in regard to that subject, i

in regard to that subject, i have no strong opinions in either direction, but just an open mind waiting to be informed, a very critical one mind you.....in THAT regard i can listen to any who feel the same.....still, at the end of the day, im waiting to see what may come of this before even thinking of giving out my ever so important +1's :), it is on them to earn it, i say this, i HOPE, they are, what i WANT them to be...but they WONT be what i WANT them to be, until they ARE what i WANT them to be.....one is politics, the other is conviction

Sorry if that comes accross so god damn ....??..cryptic, ive left my editorial mind in my OTHER trouser pocket :).....read:lazy pure unaldulterated thought

If Only Michael Hastings Were Still Around To Join Them

He would have made a great addition to this team.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

Sounds great! If it wasn't

Sounds great! If it wasn't for this website and Inforwars, I wouldn't even know who this guy is and that says a lot.

Good luck to them