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Caught on Tape: Dallas Cop Shoots Mentally Ill Man

On Monday, a Dallas policeman shot 52-year-old Bobby Gerald Bennett in his driveway. Friends of Bennett say Officer Cardan Spencer shot him for no apparent reason.

The incident was caught on a neighbor’s surveillance camera.

Bennett was sitting on a swivel chair, rolling back and forth, when officers came up to him. Bennett then stood up, after which Spencer shot the mentally ill man in the abdomen four times.

Read more: http://benswann.com/caught-on-tape-dallas-cop-shoots-mentall...

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Body cameras

"Brown added that the shooting has prompted him to consider equipping all officers with body cameras."

This would be the ideal solution. I can't think of too many better ways for my tax dollars to be utilized.

Another win

for Cameras!

Also, this Mother will probably never call the Police again.

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

Cowards. All of them.

Cowards. All of them.

Be Your Own Media!!!

The correct charge I think should be...

...ATTEMPTED MURDER, and tack on perjury or falsifying of official documents because he claimed the victim charged the officer.

This should be the quickest verdict in history.

The convicted cop (or was it two of them?) will be made welcome in jail. He won't need to drop and pick up his soap to get any attention.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

I Almost Threw Up My Breakfast After Watching This Video

WTF Is Wrong With Cops Theses Day? - I'm Totally Flabbergasted...



I look forward

To seeing cops shot and killed in self defense for assaulting someone or attempting to murder someone.

What I don't get is when people say TX is a great Liberty state

in which to live, yet there seem to be more police shoot-'em-ups, highway DHS checkpoints, house-to-house urban warfare army training ops, etc. in TX than elsewhere? Not trying to talk trash, but what gives?

Am I missing something?

What would the Founders do?

Perhaps They Mean

...the State is at liberty to do whatever it wants to it's citizens.

They are attempting to bring us in line

and it's not working. They are frustrated.

Maybe, because Texas has Ron

Maybe, because Texas has Ron Paul =)

or, because Texas is a fiercely independent culture. It has already been its own nation, the Republic of Texas, from 1836 to 1846.

Texas is the only state with its own independent power grid.

Texas can grow more than enough food to feed itself (and trade with neighboring states).

Texas is the energy empire of America, with massive resources of natural gas, petroleum, solar and wind. It contains the largest untapped oil reserves in North America, save for Alaska.

Texas has physical possession of America's oil refineries. (Key strategic resource!)

Texas has abundant technology and telecommunications. It is the "silicon valley" of the South.

Texas has the basic infrastructure of a space program. The Apollo program, after all, was based out of Houston.

Texas has abundant natural resources, including water, soil, sunlight and seeds. There are 15 major rivers that run through Texas.

Texas has multiple shipping ports and international airports, allowing high-volume international trade with other nations.

Texas has the capability of defending itself against threat of invasion or military force. Tens of millions of firearms are already owned by well-skilled farmers, ranchers and military veterans. Any attempt to occupy Texas with a military force would be far worse than trying to occupy Afghanistan.

I think it is refered to as the Liberty state because Texas could secede from the union and fend for itself.

how do they still...

Get insurance after all these and future claims?

ie you can only have so many car accidents before you get cut off.


Headline correction: It

Headline correction: It should read "Caught on Tape: Mentally Ill Cop Shoots Dallas Man"

Andrew Napolitano for President 2016!

"Patriotism should come from loving thy neighbor, not from worshiping Graven images." - ironman77


appears to be a public execution. Murder.

This will continue until people began shooting back. In the mean time...I see a big promotion in this pigs future. Probably will get a standing O from congress.

Isn't there some way of

Isn't there some way of collecting all these footages and examples of attempted police executions (successful or not) and present it as a petition to state governors, congress, and demand investigations into the training rhetoric of recruited law enforcement. Something sinister hs taken hold of American society and its lack of reason, humanity and common sense is dangerously absent from law enforcement.

I wish it had a chance...

I wish it had a chance. The politicians are almost all dirty and they don't want to piss off the police and have them coming after them. When is the last time that you heard of a politician really getting down on the police and demanding an investigation and demanding they be held legally accountable and go to jail? It doesn't happen, the laws are different for police and politicians. This will continue until enough people have had enough and it is close but not quite there.


Thanks Attorneys ...

Excerpt from the article:

Spencer, 29, who joined the force in 2007, has been placed on administrative leave indefinitely. His attorney, Robert Rogers, said his client had a reason to shoot Bennett.

“The facts and circumstances known to Officer Spencer at the time completely justify his actions,” Rogers said. “Obviously there is much more to this situation than that video.”

The attorney should be prosecuted for the blatantly false statement and hang with his clients. Stick to innocent until proven guilty in a "justus" court of so called law. If you go beyond that peddling crap that is obviously false you should be prosecuted for any of the state statutes on making false statements or misrepresentations.

Freedom of speech to misrepresent circumstances or lie does not apply to public servants.

Why carry tasers?

Hey cops...Why do you waste your time carrying tasers and pepper spray when you're just going to gun someone down like a rabid dog.
This is 100% evidence of the height of police brutality.
These cops are pure scum.

Exaclty Right!

Tasers were billed as a non lethal way of handling "situations" just like this yet they continue to use deadly force unnecessarily and they save the tasers for people who ask uncomfortable questions at public meetings.

"Out in the street they call it MURDER"

"Welcome to Jamrock" (Jamaica) Damian Marley
or Welcome to Texas?


"da thugs Dem wi do whe' them got to
And won't think twice to shot you
Don't make them spot you..."
"...Funnyman a get dropped like a bad habit"

More info from local station.

The man is alive but in serious condition. He has been charged with aggravated assault.

That charge was dropped...

That charge was dropped after the video was viewed by the police chief.

“I have ordered that the Aggravated Assault charges be dropped against Bobby Gerald Bennett immediately," the chief said, "and we will be assisting his mother with visitation at the hospital.”



This was clearly...

This was clearly attempted murder to me. The victim did not move an inch or raise his hand, The sworn affidavit by the officer says that he took several steps toward him with the knife in a raised position. How can this be anymore clear? It does not matter that there is no audio. No statement by the victim could justify the officer's action. This was attempted murder and should be prosecuted as such.


You're saying the guy is still alive after all of that!

That is amazing.

Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.
www.yaliberty.org - Young Americans for Liberty
www.ivaw.org/operation-recovery - Stop Deploying Traumatized Troops

Link to the Dallas News


Yes, he is still alive and soon to be a rich man.


no doubt people will

no doubt people will question, as i do, because of lack of recorded sound of the incident, what did he say to the police, the difference between me and some folks is, ill actually think to myself, whatever it is, was killing a suitable response, especially when the one doing the killing is granted their authority based on them KEEPING their OATHS, a very widespread problem...

The US people is one of the few nations in the world with a LEGAL binding contract with their government, and it seems to me, the US government is not taking its oaths, its promises to the people, seriously, but still expects everybody to take everything THEY say, with religious fervor, exageration, no, i dont think so, the moment they used threat of force is the moment they WANT to make you do as they say, in a religious like fever

Another day another video - well here goes again -my list of

things wrong with this.

1. Can someone explain why after shooting someone in the stomach four times you roll them over to cuff them? Wow - that seems fucking harsh to me. No first aid, just rolling him over and cuffing him - probably exasperating the injuries and CERTAINLY causing enormous pain.
2. Looks to me like the officer on the right bends down and polices his brass - he appears to bend over twice to pick something up. Seems to me protocol would be to leave the crime scene 100% intact
3. OH - I forgot the part where the cowardly bastards just shoot the guy after 5 seconds - and it appears the mother explained to 911 that the man was mentally challenged(why are they mentally challenged before getting shot - but all of a sudden are mentally ill after they are killed- is it a perception thing?)
4. "We are in the very early stages of conducting a thorough criminal investigation of this incident. Once we complete the criminal investigation we will refer our findings to the Dallas County District Attorney's office [...] We will then begin the administrative investigation to determine whether our deadly force policy was violated. 

" - So what you are saying is - you are conducting a criminal investigation into a guy unlawfully using a rolling chair - THEN - you'll get to that minor little problem about the cops shooting someone for no reason. I mean - let me begin the investigation for you - your officers are fucking thugs, put them in jail.

5. Now - ASSUMING this man was able to sign up for Obamacare - the good news is - this mentally capable man will now only have to pay a 12000.00 copay for his medical bills this year - of course given the late month of the year - he will soon have another 12000.00 to pay - which means instead of filing bankruptcy for 250000.00 dollars in medical bills - he will only have to file bankruptcy for 25000.00 in medical bills. See Obamacare does work.

Enjoy your weekend- be sure to stand up and sing the national anthem for all the sporting events - and be sure to chant USA USA over and over to show how free you are!

Sad but true.

We need courts and attorneys organized and ready to go after every one of these situations that seem to happen on a daily basis. We need to erect regulations for police to be accountable to the people when they fail to uphold their oath.

How do we level the playing field for thugs with badges?

Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.
www.yaliberty.org - Young Americans for Liberty
www.ivaw.org/operation-recovery - Stop Deploying Traumatized Troops

Cops Develop Cure For Ment@l Illnesses

...this w@s just one of the tests required for FD@ certific@tion.